Current Planning Applications

Here you will find the current private or City-initiated development projects within the City of Niagara Falls being reviewed by the Planning Department under the Planning Act regulations. 

The information provided is only for those developments that have made formal and complete planning applications which are not approved until considered by the necessary Council or Committee meeting. 

This site is constantly being updated so please check back frequently for any changes.

Planning Application Types:

AM - Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendments

26T/26CD - Plan of Subdivisions and Condominium

COA - Committee of Adjustment (COA)  - Minor Variance - "A" files and Consent/Severance - "B" files

Format:   file type - year - file number  - example COA A-2020-002 - Committee of Adjustment Minor Variance (A) from 2020 and file number 002 - files are numbered chronologically as submitted/processed

Search the links below to learn about proposed current planning applications in Niagara Falls. Files can be sorted by type/location.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please email the staff planner designated to the file or [email protected]

Please note that some of the third-party documents linked below may not be compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act 2005, Ont. Reg. 429/07 (A.O.D.A.). Contact the Planning Department if you require a copy of these documents in an accessible format.

File #AddressApplication Type
COA A-2023-004 B-2023-0018001 Blackburn PyMinor Variance, Consent (Severance)
COA B-2022-0277961 Booth StConsent (Severance)
COA A-2023-0035056 Bridge StMinor Variance
COA A-2023-0027047 Centennial StMinor Variance
COA A-2022-05410060 Lyons Creek RdMinor Variance
26T-11-2022-002, 26CD-11-2022-previously 2700 Mewburn RdPlan of Subdivision/Condominium
AM-2020-005, 26T-11-2020-0026000 Marineland PyZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Official Plan Amendment (OPA), Plan of Subdivision/Condominium
AM-2021-0107449 Montrose RdZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Official Plan Amendment (OPA)
AM-2021-009, 26CD-11-2021-002 MONTROSE RDZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Plan of Subdivision/Condominium
AM-2021-016, AM-2022-0158970 and 9015 Stanley AvZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Official Plan Amendment (OPA)
AM-2021-0206740 & 6760 Fallsview BvZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA)
AM-2021-025Uppers QuarryZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Official Plan Amendment (OPA)
AM-2021-0263897 Welland StZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Official Plan Amendment (OPA)
AM-2022-0016259 - 6293 DORCHESTER RDZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA)
AM-2022-0023770 Montrose RdZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA)
AM-2022-0125602 & 5592 ROBINSON STZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Official Plan Amendment (OPA)
AM-2022-0170 MontroseZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA)
AM-2022-0185687 Ferry Street and 5660 Spring StreetZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA)
AM-2022-0207640 KALAR RD & LOT 186Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Official Plan Amendment (OPA)
AM-2022-021 PORTAGE RDZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Official Plan Amendment (OPA)
AM-2022-0317085 Morrison StZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), Official Plan Amendment (OPA)
AM-2022-023 CHIPPAWA CREEK RDZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA)
AM-2022-0296633 Mcleod RdZoning By-law Amendment (ZBA)
COA A-2022-0514189 Brookdale DrMinor Variance
COA A-2023-0055365 FERRY STMinor Variance
COA A-2023-0065584 Fraser StMinor Variance
COA A-2023-0077781 Secretariat CtMinor Variance
COA A-2023-008 - deferred 4120 Wellington StMinor Variance
COA A-2023-0097085 Morrison StMinor Variance
COA B-2023-002, B-2023-003, B-4949 Lyon's PyConsent (Severance)