Water Information

Application for Pre-Authorized Water Bill Payments

You can sign up for Pre-Authorized Water Bill Payments from the City of Niagara Falls.  Visit the Pre-Authorized Water Payments page for details and an application form.

Water Account Online

Get information about your water account using our website.  You can:

  • View billing and payment history
  • See your usage and compare your annual consumption
  • Report meter readings
  • and more!

Visit the MyCity Dashboard to create a profile and add your water accounts.

A drop box is also available outside City Hall on the Erie Avenue side of the building (please do not deposit cash into the drop box). City Hall is located at 4310 Queen Street. There is also another drop box at the front door of City Hall facing Queen Street. 

With the growing concern and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 virus, The City of Niagara Falls understands what a difficult and stressful time this is for everyone and we are taking active measures to support our customers.

We invoked a high priority response by closing the doors to customers, however, our main focus remains on providing our customers with service, while ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees and our customers. Customers are encouraged to reach out to us my email or telephone:

At the June 23, 2020 Meeting of Council, the following payment relief measures were approved to support residents and businesses beyond June 30th and continue to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as follows:

  • Waiving penalty charges for current year (i.e. amounts billed in 2020) taxes extended from June 30th to August 31st
  • No NSF charges for payments that are returned extended from June 30th to September 30th
  • No disconnection of water services extended from June 30th to July 31st

The following relief measures will conclude as of June 30th:

  • Penalty charges of 1.25% per month on overdue water accounts will resume on July 1st
  • Penalty charges of 1.25% per month on overdue accounts receivable accounts will resume on July 1st

 Rate Card

The Water Rate card lists information about the Water and Sewer Rates. You can also view the current Water By-law for additional details.

Water and Sewer Rate Structure Review

In 2001, the City of Niagara Falls began to implement use-based billing structure (water meters). A water and sewer billing was implemented that comprised of fixed and volumetric charges. Each charge is designed to collect sufficient revenues to offset the relevant direct costs. The fixed monthly charge is not related to the direct costs of consumption. The fixed charges are intended to offset the fixed costs of maintaining the water and sanitary sewer systems. The City has the responsibility to provide safe potable water in sufficient supply for all users including fire suppression. The City is responsible for providing the collection of sanitary sewage. The direct operating costs of labour and materials, and the direct construction costs of repairs and maintenance are incurred regardless of the users' consumption. The fixed monthly charges are not dependent upon or related to the amount of consumption incurred.

In 2007, Niagara Falls City Council directed a review of the Water and Sewer rate to ensure that such principles as fairness, conservation, revenue sufficiency, amongst others, are still inherent in the Water and Sewer rate structure.

The following link provides a copy of the report by R.M. Loudon Ltd.: Water and Sewer Rate Structure Review

Water and Sewer Rate Review Links