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Zoning Compliance Certificate required prior to the submission of a Building Permit Application & Site Plan Control Application

Our process has now changed. Moving forward, the planning department will verify zoning compliance before accepting any building permit applications and also as part of a complete Site Plan Control application. This alteration aims to ensure that all relevant zoning regulations are met before submissions are made, thereby reducing unavoidable delays.
To apply for a zoning compliance certificate, you can either submit an application in person or utilize our CityView Portal for a more streamlined process. 


Building Services is responsible to ensure that all building construction governed by a building permit meets the minimum acceptable standard as required by statutory authority under the Ontario Building Code Act, 1992, S.O. 1992, c. 23.  This is accomplished through the processing of all building permits, the review of applications for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, and the site inspection of all construction projects.

Building Services is also responsible to ensure that minimum standards of property maintenance are enforced through the Property Standards By-law in order to protect the members of the public from situations that may be unsafe or aesthetically unacceptable. The Department responds to by-law compliance concerns. Inspections are then required to confirm a by-law violation. In addition, Building Services is responsible for the issuance of Sign and Pool Permits.

Functions and Services

  • The processing of applications and issuance of permits for building, plumbing, sewer/drains, public and private swimming pools, demolition, conditional building permits, additions and renovation permits and signs on private and public property in accordance with the Ontario Building Code Act and its regulations.
  • The inspection of buildings, structures, plumbing, sewer/drains, signs, public and private swimming pools and lot grading in accordance with the Ontario Building Code Act, Property Standards By-law, Subdivision and Site Plan Agreements.
  • Issuance of Orders under the Ontario Building Code Act and the initiation of legal action, as appropriate, where it is investigated and found that there is non-compliance with the Act or the Ontario Building Code or relevant By-laws.
  • Responding to Solicitors regarding property transactions by providing zoning and work order information.
  • Lot Grading Control Compliance in accordance with our Lot Grading Policy.
  • Inspection services for Liquor License Compliance.
  • Inspection services for Business License Applications.
  • Respond, record and track enquiries and complaints from the general public and building owners for the purpose of enforcing the City Property Standards By-law.
  • Review and provide comments for Committee of Adjustments, Site Plan Agreements, Subdivision Agreements, Land Severance Applications.
  • Maintain records, prepare and provide statistical reports, collect all related permit and development fees.
  • Establish and enforce a Code of Conduct for the Chief Building Official and Building Inspectors.

Ontario Building Code

Obtain further information related to the Ontario Building Code, Building Code Act, compliance, certification, building materials and more from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Building and Development Branch.


Visit the By-laws section to reference frequently requested municipal bylaws or to request a by-law.  


Building Services 

City of Niagara Falls
4343 Morrison Street, PO Box 1023
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada   L2E 6Z9
905-356-7521 ext. 4001
[email protected]

Building Permit Inspections

To schedule a required inspection contact 905-356-7521 extension 4251 or 4285, or email [email protected].

Municipal By-law Enforcement Services

City of Niagara Falls
7150 Montrose Road, PO Box 1023
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada   L2H 3N3
905-356-7521 ext. 4253 or 4341
[email protected]