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Cannabis Facilities and Operations - Proposed City Planning

The City's Planning, Building & Development Department with SGL Planning & Design Consultants are conducting a study of the cultivation, processing of cannabis and the policies and regulations for the siting of cannabis facilities and operations.  The Consultants have prepared a draft report which reviews the relevant Federal and Provincial legislation and licensing, discusses the current planning framework in Niagara Falls, and examines the best practices and standards used in other municipalities.

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The City wants to give you an opportunity to learn about the Consultant's findings. The draft report is available here: /attachments/pdf/planning/cannabis-study/nf-cannabis-report-final.pdf. Additionally, there is a video recording from a virtual Open House meeting available on the City's YouTube Site.

You may participate by -

  • Sending your written comments either by mail to the Niagara Falls Planning Department or email to [email protected].
  • Joining the City contact list. If you do not want to make any comment but would like to be on the contact list for any future information or meetings, please only click "Sign-up for Updates" on


Current Planning Applications

The following applications are being presented at an Open House:

  • 5287, 5359, 5401, 5411 & 5427 River Road & 4465 Eastwood Crescent
  • Land on the Southwest Corner of McLeod Road and Alex Avenue
  • 4457 Ferguson Street
  • 5769-5781 Victoria Ave, 5715 Ellen Ave & 5072 Magdalen St
  • 5525 Victoria Avenue and 4858 Kitchener Street

The following applications are being considered by Council:

  • 5525 Victoria Avenue & 4858 Kitchener Street
  • East end of Thorold Stone Rd adjacent to CN Railway
  • 7107 Kalar Road, 7067 Kalar Road and Block 126, Lands West Side of Kalar Road North of McLeod Road
  • 6546 McLeod Road and the Land at the Southwest Corner of McLeod Road and Wilson Crescent
  • 4751 Morrison Street
  • 2853 Dorchester Road

For details about any of the above applications, please visit the Planning Dropbox folder.

The following applications are being considered by the Committee of Adjustment at a Remote Electronic Public Hearing

  • 4866 Valley Way
  • 6600 Jolley Crescent
  • Swayze Drive CN Railway south lands
  • 2249 Portage Road
  • 8165 Schisler Road

 For details about these applications, please visit the Planning Dropbox folder.


Planning, Building and Development is responsible for land use management and building construction. Growth to 2031 is directed through a long range planning document called the Official Plan. Zoning By-laws set out regulation on permitted uses, setbacks and development requirements. Construction is implemented through Building and Demolition permits issued under the Ontario Building Code.

The Planning Division is comprised of the Policy and Current Development Sections. These Sections are responsible for amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-laws which are considered at Public Meetings held by City Council. Minor Variances to the Zoning By-laws are considered by the Committee of Adjustment. Secondary Plans are prepared to direct future development in new “greenfield” areas.

In new growth areas, development occurs through the Subdivision Process to create streets, lots for houses and blocks for apartments, parks and schools. Within the built-up areas of the City, individual lots may be created through consents to sever land, where roads and services exist. Prior to construction of new commercial and industrial operations or apartment and townhouse projects, builders and developers must obtain a Site Plan Agreement through Planning staff.

Planning and Building maintain statistics on building permits, housing population and future land supply. Planning also maintains an inventory of built and natural environmental hazards and heritage architecture.

Functions & Services

Current Planning

  • Zoning By-law
  • Zoning By-law Amendments
  • Consent (Severance)
  • Minor Variance
  • Plan of Subdivision/Condominium
  • Part Lot Control
  • Site Plan

Long Range Planning

  • Official Plan
  • Official Plan Amendments
  • Secondary Plans
  • Built Heritage
  • Natural Heritage
  • Community Improvement Plans


Planning Division

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