Official Plan

The Official Plan for the Niagara Falls Planning Area is a document with a 20 year vision outlining long term objectives and policies of the City with respect to the growth and development of urban lands, the protection of agricultural lands and the conservation of natural heritage areas; and the provision of necessary infrastructure.Agricultural view with City background

New: The City is starting work on a new Official Plan in 2024. A Special Meeting of Council has been set for March 5, 2024. Please click on the link below for more information.

Secondary Plans 

 A Secondary Plan represents the land use vision of Council for a select area, supported by the policies of the Official Plan and the authority of the Planning Act.

 More information is available on our Secondary Plans page. 

Official Plan Amendments

 The Official Plan is a dynamic document that is constantly updated and revised to reflect the evolving nature of the city and its environs.  Amendments to the Plan can be City or privately initiated.

Recent City Initiated Amendments

OPA No. 147 - Employment Lands, adopted by Council April 18, 2023, pending Regional Approval.

OPA No. 149 - Housing Policies, approved by Council August 2022. More information is available on our Let's Talk Page.

Current Privately Initiated Amendments 

 The Official Plan may be amended through private applications for development proposals that are a substantive change in policy direction.

 You can visit our Current Planning Applications page for information on applications currently being considered.  Official Plan amendment applications can be found on our Application Forms page.