Official Plan

The Official Plan for the Niagara Falls Planning Area is a document with a 20 year vision outlining long term objectives and policies of the City with respect to the growth and development of urban lands, the protection of agricultural lands and the conservation of natural heritage areas; and the provision of necessary infrastructure.Agricultural view with City background




The Official Plan is a dynamic document that is constantly updated and revised to reflect the evolving nature of the city and its environs.  Amendments to the Plan can be City or privately initiated.

City Initiated Amendments

The Ontario Planning Act requires that the Official Plan be reviewed every five years to keep it current. The following reviews are currently underway.

Accessory Dwelling Units

The City is initiating amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to implement the Province's direction to permit the establishment of accessory dwelling units within single detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings.  Associated with this is a zoning by-law amendment to delete references to the word 'family' within the text of By-law No. 79-200.

Public Meeting and draft documents

  • Public Meeting - March 27, 2018
  • Draft Official Plan Amendment
  • Draft Zoning By-law Amendment - to permit accessory dwelling units
  • Draft Zoning By-law Amendment - to delete references to the word 'family'

Previous Meetings

Five Year Review

Official Plan AmendmentsWork is currently progressing on updates to several sections of the Plan including Commercial and Tourist Commercial policies.

Housekeeping Update

Work is underway on minor amendments and revisions to the Plan.

Privately Initiated Amendments

The Official Plan may be amended through private applications for development proposals that area a substantive change in policy direction.

You can visit our Events and Notices page for information on application currently being considered.  Official Plan amendment applications can be found on our Application Forms page.

A Preconsultation meeting will be required prior to submitting a privately initiated amendment.  Further information on the Preconsultation process is available on the Preconsultation page /city-hall/planning/preconsultation.aspx.  

Riverfront Community Official Plan Amendment Application

Secondary Plans

Secondary Plans are comprehensive land use, transportation and servicing policy plans for sub-areas of the City that indicate, in detail, how the policies and land use designations of the official Plan are to be implemented in that area.