Driveway Widths & Parking Areas

Did you know that the City has limits on residential driveway widths and the size of parking areas? In 2008, City Council added regulations to the City’s Zoning By-law No. 79-200 to control the maximum widths of driveways and parking areas in the front, rear and exterior yards on residential properties. The regulations that apply affect those properties that are zoned R1A, R1B, R1C, R1D, R1E, R1F, R2 and R3. The following regulations apply:

  • The maximum lot area that can be used as a surface parking area is 30% (25% in the R1F zone)
  • The maximum width of a driveway or parking area in the front yard is 60% of the lot frontage, but in no case more than 9 metres for a detached, duplex and semi-detached dwelling, and 60% of the lot frontage for an on street townhouse dwelling (55% of the lot frontage in the R1F zone)
  • The maximum area of a rear yard that can be used as a parking area is 40 square metres
  • The maximum area of an exterior side yard that can be used as a parking area is 67% of the yard up to a maximum of 50 square metres

In some portions of the City the boundary between the travelled portion of the road and the landscaped boulevard is defined by a raised curb. In newer portions of the City mountable or rolled curbs exist. Prior to requesting the City to cut back the curb or contracting a firm to do so and widen your driveway, you should check with the City to confirm that your plans conform to the applicable zoning regulations.

Inquiries concerning these regulations and your plans should be directed to Sue Scerbo, Senior Zoning Administrator at 905-356-7521, extension 4296.