Parks and Recreational Facilities Listing

A G Bridge Park6706 Culp StDetails
A J Mckinley Park4868 Crysler AvDetails
Alexander Park5421 Alexander CrDetails
Alpine Park7830 Alpine DrDetails
Althea Park6162 Althea StDetails
Arena - Chippawa Willoughby Memorial Arena9000 Sodom RdDetails
Baden Powell Park9240 Montrose RdDetails
Balmoral Park6494 Balmoral AvDetails
Bambi Park6370 Delta DrDetails
Brookfield Park7053 Brookfield AvDetails
Butternut Park7615 Butternut BvDetails
C B Wright Park6915 Ailanthus AvDetails
C W Palmer Park4190 Stanley AvDetails
Carolyn Park6528 Carolyn AvDetails
Charnwood Park6729 Montrose RdDetails
Cherryhill Park6820 Cherryhill DrDetails
Chippawa Boat Ramp Park4379 Lyons Creek RdDetails
Chippawa Lions Park3970 Welland StDetails
Chippawa West Park9327 Emerald AvDetails
City Hall - Centennial Square4310 Queen StDetails
Coronation Park5775 Hanan AvDetails
Corwin Park6475 Walter AvDetails
Crimson Park6051 Crimson DrDetails
Crowland Park8037 Schisler RdDetails
Cummington Square8191 Cummington Sq EastDetails
Deerfield Park (Garner Recreational Trail)8740 Forestview BvDetails
Don W Johnson Park5620 Emery StDetails
E E Mitchelson Park3750-3800 Springdale AvDetails
Edgewood Woodlot Park6705 St Michael AvDetails
Ellis Park / Olympic Torch Trail Land4354 Ellis StDetails
Empire Park8770 Rodney StDetails
F H Leslie Park5250 Valley WyDetails
F J Miller Park7018 Valiant StDetails
Fern Park7516 Fern AvDetails
Fernwood Park9260 Hendershot BvDetails
Fernwood Woodlot Park5635 Garner RdDetails
Firemens Park2275 Dorchester RdDetails
Gale Centre5152 Thorold Stone RdDetails
Garner Park8609 Mcgarry DrDetails
George Bukator Park6040 Chippawa PyDetails
Glengate Park4190 Pettit AvDetails
Glenview Park4521 Leader LnDetails
Grey Robinson Park5718 Robinson StDetails
Gustavus Munro Park8180 Rideau StDetails
Hennepin Park5973 Hennepin CrDetails
Heritage Park5675 Heritage DrDetails
Hunters Creek Trail4247 Mann StDetails
John N Allan Park6980 Kalar RdDetails
Kalar Sports Park 6775 Kalar RdDetails
Kitchener Park5491 Lewis AvDetails
L B Pearson Park3031 Dorchester RdDetails
Larry Delazzer Nature Park8225 Orchard Grove PyDetails
Lind Sommerville Park4337 Maplewood AvDetails
Lundy's Lane Battlefield Park6137-6151 Lundy's LnDetails
M F Ker Park3420 Sinnicks AvDetails
Macbain Community Centre7150 Montrose RdDetails
Maple Street Park5100 Maple StDetails
Meadowvale Park7148 Briarwood AvDetails
Mewburn Road Recreation Area2430 Mewburn RdDetails
Montrose Business Park Woodlot7774 Brown RdDetails
Mount Carmel Park7806 Mount Carmel BvDetails
Mount Forest Park2898 Olden AvDetails
Mulhern Park4585 Baldwin AvDetails
Niagara Falls Lions Park4981 Drummond RdDetails
Oakes Park5700 Morrison StDetails
Ontario Park5300 Ontario AvDetails
Paddock Park4381 Paddock Trail DrDetails
Patrick Cummings Memorial Sports Complex8965 Willoughby DrDetails
Preakness Park7857 Preakness StDetails
Prince Charles Park6360 Arad StDetails
Prince Edward Park5522 Prince Edward AvDetails
Riverview Park8175 Sarah StDetails
Robert F Keighan Park8030 Beaverton BvDetails
Rosberg Family Park / Olympic Torch Trail4284 Queen StDetails
Royal Manor Park5616 Glamis CrDetails
Russell Park6569 Russell StDetails
Shirley Park4889 Shirley AvDetails
Shriners Woodlot Park7994 Mount Carmel BvDetails
Solar Park6519 Jupiter BvDetails
Stamford Green Park6212 Stamford Green DrDetails
Stonefield Park6287 Stonefield Pk NorthDetails
Theresa Park2864 Gail AvDetails
Valour Park3538 Valour CrDetails
W L Houck Park5709 Valley WyDetails
Walker Greenspace6251 Forest Ridge DrDetails
Walker Park2006 Dorchester RdDetails
Warren Woods 5 Park Land8707 Warren Woods AvDetails
Weaver Park6613 Dunn StDetails
Westfield Park6983 Warden AvDetails
Willick Rd Woodlot4908 Lyon's PyDetails
Willoughby Centennial Park2777 Sherk RdDetails
Wilson Park7660 Wilson CrDetails


If you're looking for a trail, check out the Trails database for that information.

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RZone Policy and Incident Reports

The City of Niagara Falls has a policy in place for all of our facilities regarding the enforcement of vandalism, abuse, harassment and more. You can view the policy, brochure and incident report on the Niagara Falls RZone page.