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We recognize that public transit is an important link to work, social events and activities for our riders. Niagara Falls Transit offers convenient and accessible travel options to get you where you want to go. 

New Service Enhancements Beginning Monday, January 7th, 2019

Niagara Falls Transit is pleased to announce the following new service enhancements to our system.

  • Route #105 - extended 30 minute peak service until 7:15pm.
  • Route #113 - routing changes to provide service to Warren Woods subdivision, added stops at Brown Road & Shadbush Lane, Kalar Road & Buckeye Crescent, Kalar Road opposite Mulberry, McLeod Road and Kalar Road (south east corner). This route is under review for further enhancement in 2019.
  • TransCab Update - this service is no longer available to and from Niagara Square in the Montrose/ McLeod Road South Area. Fixed route daytime service is now provided to this area on Route #113.
    • See table below for revised timepoints for daytime service on Route #113 (Monday to Saturday)
Revised Time Points for Inbound Route #113  Hourly Service 
(6:13 am Outbound at Niagara Square 
to 6:09 pm Inbound at Niagara Square):
Depart Mt. Carmel Plaza0:45
Monastery & Montrose0:47
Montrose & Woodbine0:50
Montrose & Lundy's Lane0:52
MacBain Centre0:57
Niagara Square0:01 
Kalar Rd. & McLeod (S/W Corner)0:06
Arrive Niagara Square0:09

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