Phone and Fax Directory

When contacting City Hall by telephone at 905-356-7521, you can either say the name of the person or the division name that you would like to speak to and the Automated attendant will direct the call. In addition, you can also dial by extension. Listed below are extensions for each division within City Hall.

DepartmentExtension DepartmentExtension DepartmentExtension
Administrator's Office5101 Mayor's Office4202 Building Services4350
Business Development5000 Clerk's Services4272 Finance4306/4313
Human Resources4317 Information Systems4018 Legal4240
Municipal Works4211 Recreation and Culture3330 Planning4234
Service Centre6200 Transportation Services5200 Small Business Centre5004

Direct Phone Numbers

The following are offices that have direct phone numbers: City Hall: 905-356-7521 or 1-877-999-7521

LocationPhone LocationPhone
Niagara Falls Transit905-356-1179 Fire Department905-356-1321
Fairview Cemetery905-354-4721 Niagara Falls Public Library905-356-8080
Chippawa Arena905-295-6554 Coronation Recreation Centre905-356-6493
Municipal Works Service Centre905-356-1355 Lundy's Lane Cemetery*905-354-8476
Niagara Falls History Museum905-358-5082 F.H. Leslie Pool**905-356-6217
Prince Charles Pool**905-354-8104 Niagara Falls Lions Club Pool**905-358-5385
Mitchelson Park Pool**905-358-9850 W.A. (Buck) Hinsberger Pool**905-295-7063
Willoughby Historical Museum905-295-4036 Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.905-356-2681
* - Available from April to October ** - Available from June to August

Fax Numbers

DepartmentFax DepartmentFax
Mayor/CAO's Office905-374-3557 Business Development905-357-9293
Legal905-371-2892 Clerk's905-356-9083
Human Resources905-356-5110 Finance / Taxes905-356-0759
Finance Administration905-356-2016 Municipal Works 289-296-0048
Small Business Centre905-357-9293 Fairview Cemetery905-354-7706
Transit / Transportation Services905-356-5576 Transit Garage905-356-7746
Traffic / Transportation Planning905-353-0651 Traffic / Parking Field Operations905-356-6460
Planning905-356-2354 Building Services905-374-7500
Service Centre905-356-6460 Service Centre Garage905-353-9468
Stores905-356-7556 Environmental Services905-353-8612
Recreation & Culture905-356-7404 Coronation Centre905-356-7224
Gale Centre Arena905-354-9119 Chippawa Arena905-295-1823
Fire Department Admin905-356-6236 Fire Prevention905-356-1583
Niagara Falls Museums905-358-0920 Willoughby Museum905-295-4386
Information Systems905-374-2880