Vacation Rental Units and Bed and Breakfasts

Zoning Regulations for Bed and Breakfast Establishments and Vacation Rental Units are now in effect subject to regulations in the parent Zoning By-laws (No. 79-200, By-law 395,1966 and 1538, 1958), and,

  1. A licensed Bed and Breakfast (BNB) is permitted with an owner occupied detached dwelling (or dwelling unit of a duplex or semi-detached dwelling), where these dwellings are permitted in residential and commercial zones, subject to the regulations contained in By-law No. 2018-91.
  2. A licensed Vacation Rental Unit (VRU), with up to 3 bedrooms, is permitted in existing dwellings or a dwelling unit  subject to the regulations contained in By-law No. 2018-92.  A VRU is only permitted in the following designated zones noted below which are also highlighted in the attached map -
    • Tourist Commercial (TC),
    • General Commercial (GC), and
    • Central Business Commercial (CB) zones.

Operators of Vacation Rental Units and Bed and Breakfasts are to be in possession of an active license to operate.  Applications for Vacation Rental Units and Bed & Breakfasts can be found on the Business Licensing Page.

Please contact Planning, Building and Development if you wish to discuss zoning matters for these uses.

On August 18, 2021, the Ontario Land Tribunal approved Official Plan Amendment No. 127, which amends the Official Plan to add definitions and policies respecting Vacation Rental Units and Bed and Breakfasts and By-law No. 2018-92,  which implements regulations for Vacation Rental Units. The Order approving these documents can be found at the Ontario Land Tribunal Case PL180774 link. By-law No. 2018-91, which implements regulations for Bed and Breakfasts, was previously approved by an Order issued by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, dated November 5, 2019.

Applicable By-laws

Note:  AirBnB is a separate and privately-owned advertising company for both bed and breakfast homes and vacation rental units and should not be used to refer to any references as noted above.