Drinking Water Quality

Mission Statements

Water & Wastewater Services

A combination of Water and Wastewater Services, which are in compliance with legislation and regulations, that protect human health, the environment and public property within the City of Niagara Falls, in an efficient, effective manner.

Water Services

  • Providing a reliable and dependable drinking water system.
  • Delivering safe and clean potable water. 
  • Maintaining and continuously improving the City’s Drinking Water Quality Management System.

Wastewater Services

  • Providing well-functioning sanitary and storm sewer systems which remove wastewater, excess rainwater and snow melt in an environmentally acceptable manner.

What is a Quality Management System (QMS)?

Glass with water in it

A Quality Management System is a series of policies, procedures and documents that outline organizational structure, responsibilities and resources. Many industries currently have QMS in place, such as; food production, manufacturing and laboratory services.

What does a QMS have to do with drinking water?

Implementing a municipal drinking water licensing program was one of the recommendations made by Justice O'Connor in the Walkerton Water Inquiry.

Implementing a Drinking Water Quality Management Standard is one piece of the new licensing program.

What does this DWQMS mean for me?

There will be no change for the consumer; you will still receive the same high quality, clean and safe water as always.

Additionally, you will receive the benefits of having a drinking water quality management system in place:

  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Great accountability and assurance of due diligence
  • Identification and mitigation of water quality risks

What does the DWQMS require?

The DWQMS requires each municipality to address 21 different elements through the creation of an operational plan. These elements cover all aspects of a municipality’s water operations. Some elements include:

  • Develop a drinking water system description
  • Implement an internal auditing program
  • Ensure drinking water emergency situation procedures are in place

The DWQMS also has to be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment for review and the Canadian General Standards Board for approval and accreditation.

How can I view the Niagara Falls operational plan?

Niagara Falls has received full accreditation from the Canadian General Standards Board. Copies of the operational are available at City Hall or the Municipal Service Centre.