Roads, Sidewalks & Streetlights

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping for the 2019 season has concluded. Street sweeping operations will begin again in Spring 2020. Once operations have begun, information on sweeping locations will be updated here. This information will also be available through the City's hotline by calling: 905-356-7521 extension 5800. View a map of the City's street sweeping operation and boundaries of each work area.

Please note: It is our policy to work area by area through the City. In order to provide a timely and efficient service, we do not move sweepers at the request of residents. In order to ensure the street sweeping operation runs smoothly and efficiently, residents are asked to please remove any obstructions from the roadway (such as parked cars or garbage containers) during daytime hours.  

Pot Holes

Did you find a pothole on a city street? Fill out a Pot Hole Form to report it.

Please be advised that the City of Niagara Falls may not be responsible if you damage your vehicle after driving over a pothole in the roadway.

The provincial government has established standards for maintenance of municipal roadways. When the City of Niagara Falls has maintained the roadways in accordance to this provincial standard then the City is not responsible for damages to a vehicle caused by driving over a pothole.

All claims for losses due to potholes on a roadway must be submitted in writing to the Clerk’s office, hand delivered or by registered mail only, within 10 days of the date of loss.

Railway Crossings

Repairs to railway crossings is carried out by CN Railways. The City of Niagara Falls is responsible for the road leading to and exiting the crossing. The railway crossing and the surrounding land is private property and not under the City's jurisdiction to repair or maintain.

Road Closing/Detours

For information about recent road closures or detours, visit the Road Closing, Construction and Obstruction Notification Page.

Snow Plowing and Winter Maintenance

Looking to prepare for winter weather before it strikes?  Check out the Snow Plowing and Winter maintenance page for all the information you need to be ready for winter.

Sidewalk Repair

To Request service for sidewalk repair please contact our Municipal Service Centre at 905-356-1355.


Have you found a burnt out or damaged Streetlight? Let us know by completing a Streetlight Outage/Repair Form.

Dead Animal on Roadway

If you see a dead animal on the road please contact the Niagara Falls Humane Society.