Parks Maintenance

The City of Niagara Falls manages and maintains 93 parks, athletic fields and open spaces including an inventory of 55 playgrounds.

Parks and Trails Database

Visit the Parks Database to view pictures, maps and amenities of the parks in Niagara Falls.

Or Search the Trails Database to view information on the trails in Niagara Falls along with links to location maps.

Parkland Gate Installation Application

Do you own a property that is adjacent to municipal parkland and would like to build a gate out to it? Review the Parks By-law and then fill out a Parkland Gate Installation Application and submit it to us today.

Illegal Dumping

The Niagara Region and local municipalities are working together to tackle the issue of illegal dumping. Illegal dumping is the disposing of materials on public roads, ditches, public property, rural areas, vacant lots and in public litter receptacles. Niagara Region offers a REWARD of up to $200 to the report that leads to a conviction! And $50 will be given to the person whose report results in an act of compliance!Region Illegal Dumping Logo

To report illegal dumping:

Please call the Niagara Region at 905-356-4141 or Report illegal dumping online

Vandalism Reporting

Did you witness an act of Vandalism or find a hazard in parks or on a trail in the city?  Let us know by filling out an incident form here.

Playing Field Cancellation Policy

This policy establishes and clarifies the City's responsibility for playing field administration, and its commitment to the management of:

  • Fiscally responsible operations
  • Fair and equitable playing field allocation
  • Processing of tournament, special event and seasonal playing field permits
  • Special event playing field management

Download the Playing Field Cancellation Policy Report for full details.