Water System

Water Reports

Municipal Works prepares the Annual Water Reports for the City of Niagara Falls. These reports are prepared in compliance with Section 11 and Schedule 22 Ontario Regulation 170/03 made under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002 (R.S.O. 2000). The Water Rates By-law is also available on-line. The Water Reports are available online.

Drinking Water Quality Management System

The Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS) is a system designed to protect citizens from poor drinking water. The DWQMS provides a list of elements that a municipality must address in regards to Water Operations. Visit the Drinking Water Quality Management System page for more information.

Lead Sampling Program

To further protect the Citizens of Niagara Falls from unsafe drinking water the City has enacted a Lead Sampling Program. This program will aid in regards to testing the drinking water and requires all municipalities to regularly sample. Click here to learn more about the Lead Sampling Program

Watermain Breaks

Up to date information of any broken Watermains and remedies for discoloured water following watermain breaks/repairs, can be found on the Watermain Breaks page.  To report a watermain break please call the Municipal Service Centre, at 905-356-1355.

Water Conservation

Low Flush Toilets

To help conserve water, the City of Niagara Falls has began the Toilet Retrofit Program. This program will aid citizens in replacing existing high volume toilets with new low flush toilets by providing rebates. More information can be found on the Toilet Retrofit Program page.

Water Meter Installation and Billing

  • Niagara Falls switched to metered billing for water and sewers in 2001. If you do not have a meter installed please contact the Environmental Services Department at 905-356-1355.
  • All billing questions please call City Hall, Finance Department at 905-356-7521.
  • All water meter technical problems please contact the Municipal Service Centre at 905-356-1355

Water Meter By-pass Inspection

The City of Niagara Falls is conducting inspections on water meters that are 1" or greater.  For more information, visit the Water Meter By-pass page.

Shut Off/Turn On Supply of Water

For an emergency or planned shut off/turn on of the water supply to your building call the Environmental Services Department at 905-356-1355.

The cost for each is:

  • During regular working hours Mon to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m is $55.00 seasonal, $34.00 maintenance for each call out.
  • After hours including weekends and holidays is $175.00