Municipal Works

Municipal works is responsible for a multitude of public services in the City of Niagara Falls including the design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of our local infrastructure.

Additionally, the responsibility for reviewing, monitoring, assessing and analyzing the ongoing condition and operational capacity as well as construction inspecting activities also lies with Municipal Works. Project Design, approvals and tendering of Capital projects, including new construction, ongoing repair/rehabilitation and replacement on the various Municipal Infrastructure systems.  Municipal Works keeps up to date inventory of all physical assets for the City-wide Municipal Infrastructure Systems.

Municipal Works employees constitute a highly visible and familiar presence in the lives of the citizens of Niagara Falls.

Municipal Works 2016 Capital Projects

For a list of 2016 Municipal Works approved capital projects with description and contact information please view the capital projects booklet.

How to Submit a Claim to the City

Risk Management processes all personal and property claims against the City. Please go to the "How to Submit a Claim to the City" page for further information.