Street Sweeping

The City of Niagara Falls Sweeping Program will begin on/or about June 1, 2022 weather permitting.  The program will be completed, weather permitting, within 10 – 15 working days of commencement.  For the 2022 year, leading up to the contractor's starting, we will be begin sweeping salt lines, bike lanes, tourist areas and City's main lines.

Please ensure any belongings or refuse on or overhanging City streets are removed until such time the sweepers have completed your area (vehicles, basketball nets, recycle bins etc.).

This year, additional temporary dump locations were provided for the contractor in order to quickly and efficiently complete the sweep. Each public location is indicated on a map listed below. These locations are temporary contractor disposal sites only and any other dumping will be subject to City's dumping by-law.

Each site will be cleaned and restored once the program is complete.

Street Sweeping Dump Location Maps