Tourist Area Development

All zoning bylaw amendment applications that propose buildings greater than 4 storeys in height within a Tourist District are required to complete an Architectural Design Review. 

The Architectural Design Review is an analysis of how the elements of the proposed development meet the Tourist Commercial Policies of the Official Plan with respect to site and building design. It replaces the Architectural Peer Review Process.

Evening Skyline of the tourist area

The City has consolidated its Tourist Area Development Application Guide and its Implementation Handbook into a single document entitled “Tourist Area Design Guidelines”. The consolidation includes a revised design review process

The Tourist Area Design Guidelines consists of two parts:

  • Part 1Development Review Process which contains details about application requirements, plan and study submissions and the Planning review process; and
  • Part 2Architectural Design Review  a form to be submitted as part of a complete application which outlines the design objectives that will be architects are to achieve when designing buildings. The form standardizes the review process of the design by Municipal Staff and Council.

A fillable copy of the Architectural Design Review form can be accessed online.

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