Lundy's Lane CIP

Lundy's Lane CIP LogoIntroduction

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Study has been initiated for Lundy's Lane. The study area extends from Drummond Road to west of Garner Road, the limit of the City's Urban Area Boundary.

Lundy's Lane CIP Study AreaThe commercial corridor that is Lundy's Lane dates back to the 1780's when William Lundy, a Loyalist, immigrated to Upper Canada with his family and settled on 50 acres of land in Stamford Township. He opened a road that followed a First Nations trail which was declared a public road in 1803. Over the past two centuries, Lundy's Lane evolved together with the City of Niagara Falls to become one of the City's major east/west arteries and one of its gateways. Tourism and commercial development was at its high point in the mid-20th century. Since then, with the changes in the tourism market, both locally and internationally, and economic fluctuations, Lundy's Lane has seen a decline in activity and development. The Lundy's Lane BIA is seeking ways to stimulate revitalization and spur economic redevelopment. To this end, the City and Niagara Region have commissioned the MMM Group to prepare a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the area.

The CIP Study is being carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act.

Project Updates

Draft documents for Council consideration on March 27, 2018


Public Meeting - February 27, 2018

Open House #2 - October 12, 2016

The open house was held to provide an opportunity to receive information on the proposed Lundy’s Lane Community Improvement Plan, specifically on the Draft Vision and SWOT Analysis, and to participate in its development.

Please click on the links below to view the Presentation and Draft Background Report presented at the Open House by the consulting team .  

We invite your participation in the preparation of the Vision for Lundy's Lane by viewing the Display Boards from the Open House and providing us with your input on the comment form below.


Open House - June 14, 2016

The open house was held to:

  • introduce the public to the CIP Study and process;
  • inform the public of the study objectives and time lines; and
  • obtain input, views and comments.

You can visit the Open House Presentation (PDF) link to see the information displayed at the Open House including more details on process, public consultation and the studies required for the CIP Study.  Additionally, you can visit the Comment Form (PDF) link to download a copy of the Comment Form and provide your preliminary input on your Vision for Lundy’s Lane.