Heritage Properties

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NameAddressYear BuiltListedDesignatedDetails
Solomon Miller House3878 Baker Road1889YesNoDetails
First Bampfield House4325 Bampfield Street1860YesYesDetails
N/A5977 Barker StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Henry Spence House5993 Barker Street1885YesYesDetails
Berengaria Farm10148 Beaverdams Road1846YesNoDetails
Old Imperial Bank4190 Bridge Street1906YesYesDetails
Woodruff Block4238-4240 Bridge StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Via Railway Station4267 Bridge Street1879YesYesDetails
Mcglashan/Thomas House3552 Bridgewater Street1854YesNoDetails
N/A3554 Bridgewater StreetN/AYesNoDetails
N/A3564 Bridgewater StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Willoughby Manor3584 Bridgewater Street1835YesNoDetails
N/A3594 Bridgewater StreetN/AYesNoDetails
N/A3604 Bridgewater StreetN/AYesNoDetails
N/A3624 Bridgewater StreetN/AYesNoDetails
N/A3634 Bridgewater StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Laura Secord House3800 Bridgewater Street1837YesYesDetails
Buchner House6172 Buchner Place1799YesYesDetails
Glenview Mansion4325 Buttrey StreetN/AYesYesDetails
Stamford Green White Oak Tree6166 Carman StreetN/AYesYesDetails
Timothy Hixon House9030 Chippawa Creek Road1870YesNoDetails
Oswald-Holburn House6185 Church's Lane1835YesNoDetails
Egerton Morden House6145 Corwin Avenue1876YesYesDetails
Francis Sherriff House5982 Culp Street1894YesNoDetails
Orchard/Cadham House6023 Culp Street1850YesYesDetails
N/A6037 Culp Street1872YesNoDetails
N/A6089 Culp Street1850YesNoDetails
Forsyth House6103 Culp Street1840YesNoDetails
Acres House/ Ywca6135 Culp Street1924YesNoDetails
J Ingles House6151 Culp Street1855YesYesDetails
Biggar House5561 Dorchester Road1865YesNoDetails
N/A5786 Drummond Road1865YesNoDetails
N/A5810 Drummond Road1812YesNoDetails
Peter Mcgarry House6068 Drummond Road1840YesNoDetails
N/A6123 Drummond Road1840YesNoDetails
Mcglashan House6395 Drummond Road1865YesNoDetails
N/A6270 Dunn Street1812YesNoDetails
Spence-Weaver Homestead6590 Dunn Street1835YesYesDetails
Ellis-Taylor House4634 Ellis Street1894YesNoDetails
Empire Block4600-4610 Erie AvenueN/AYesNoDetails
Clark's Hardware Store4624 Erie Avenue1882YesNoDetails
Abigail Frolick House5485 Ferry Street1865YesNoDetails
Old Stamford Town Hall5810 Ferry Street1874YesYesDetails
Maple Leaf House5831 Ferry Street1865YesNoDetails
St Stephens Anglican Church5205 Fourth AvenueN/AYesNoDetails
N/A6395 Garner Road1845YesNoDetails
N/A6084 Grey AvenueN/AYesNoDetails
Le Page House4888 Hunter Street1904YesYesDetails
N/A4252 Huron StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Buckley House4541 Huron Street1891YesNoDetails
Christian Reform Church4878 Jepson StreetN/AYesNoDetails
First Church Of Christ Scientist4940 Jepson StreetN/AYesNoDetails
N/A5992 Lundy's LaneN/AYesNoDetails
Kelsey House6103 Lundy's Lane1845YesNoDetails
Fralick's Tavern6137 Lundy's Lane1836YesYesDetails
N/A6530 Lundy's Lane1865YesNoDetails
Lundy's Lane School At Green's Corner7565 Lundy's Lane1915YesYesDetails
N/A9387 Lundy's Lane1862YesNoDetails
Buchner Homestead8854 Lyons Creek Road1850YesNoDetails
Dr Mcgarry House5827 Main Street1837YesNoDetails
Cole House5837 Main Street1812YesNoDetails
Gus' Pawn Shop/Thorburn's Drug Store5881 Main StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Reward Shoes/Orient Spa5904 Main Street1850YesNoDetails
Solomon Whybra Store5906 Main Street1850YesNoDetails
Mj's Bar & Grill5926 Main Street1865YesNoDetails
Mandarin Shoes5942 Main Street1851YesNoDetails
Main Street Laundry5971 Main Street1865YesNoDetails
Warren Spence Repository6005 Main Street1880YesNoDetails
Davey Automotive6028 Main Street1820YesNoDetails
N/A6075 Main Street1865YesNoDetails
N/A6100 Main Street1850YesNoDetails
Ferguson House6161 Main Street1900YesNoDetails
N/A6218 Main StreetN/AYesNoDetails
St Mary's Ukranian Catholic Church6248 Main StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Doherty House5449 Maple StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Corwin House4751 Montrose Road1810YesNoDetails
George Wright House5453 Montrose Road1846YesNoDetails
Karn-Brown-Gauld House8865 Mountain Road1809YesNoDetails
Danner-Sherk House12549 Niagara River Parkway1810YesYesDetails
Detenbeck Home13089 Niagara River Parkway1850YesNoDetails
Npc School Of Horticulture2565 Niagara River Parkway1800YesNoDetails
Toronto Powerhouse7200 Niagara River Parkway1906YesNoDetails
Munford House4785 Ontario Avenue1879YesNoDetails
Toll Gate House5036 Ontario AvenueN/AYesNoDetails
N/A5042 Ontario AvenueN/AYesNoDetails
Post Office/Customs House4177 Park Street1885YesYesDetails
Nathaniel Dett Chapel5674 Peer Street1836YesYesDetails
John Misener Jr House5775 Peer Street1855YesNoDetails
N/A5808 Peer StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Earl Thomas House6320 Pine Grove Avenue1929YesYesDetails
Church Residence3000 Portage Road1810YesYesDetails
Whirlpool House3011 Portage Road1796YesYesDetails
Old St John's Anglican3428 Portage Road1825YesYesDetails
John Thomson Jr House4891 Portage Road1825YesYesDetails
Crompton House5091 Portage Road1840YesNoDetails
Oak Hall7400-7500 Portage Road1928YesNoDetails
Holy Trinity Church7820 Portage Road1841YesYesDetails
Old Bank Of Hamilton/Cibc4299 Queen Street1894YesNoDetails
Olsen-Sottile Insurance4307 Queen Street1895YesNoDetails
Logan Block4311 Queen Street1907YesNoDetails
N/A4351-4357 Queen StreetN/AYesNoDetails
N/A4365 Queen StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Niagara Falls Post Office4500 Queen Street1930YesNoDetails
Seneca Theatre4624 Queen Street1940YesNoDetails
Doran-Marshall Residence4851 River Road1886YesYesDetails
Lundy's House4965 River Road1850YesNoDetails
N/A5023 River Road1855YesNoDetails
Buckley, Menzie, Mcmurray House5257 River RoadN/AYesYesDetails
Former Niagara Falls Museum/Aviary5651 River RoadN/AYesNoDetails
Smith House5602 Robinson StreetN/AYesNoDetails
N/A5669 Robinson StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Climenhage House5688 Robinson StreetN/AYesNoDetails
N/A5777 Robinson StreetN/AYesNoDetails
N/A6065 Ross StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Lyon's Creek Church7906 Schisler Road1861YesYesDetails
N/A4462 Simcoe StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Willoughby Township Hall11211 Sodom Road1877YesYesDetails
St John's United Church14789 Sodom Road1861YesNoDetails
Russell Cottage3174 St Patrick Avenue1830YesYesDetails
Toad Hall3357 St Patrick Avenue1805YesNoDetails
Mitchell Cottage3360 St Patrick Avenue1805YesYesDetails
Queens Hotel2835 St Paul AvenueN/AYesNoDetails
Oswald House2922 St Paul Avenue1835YesYesDetails
Stamford Presbyterian3121 St Paul Avenue1871YesNoDetails
N/A3221 St Paul AvenueN/AYesNoDetails
Alexander-Robinson House3289 St Paul Avenue1821YesYesDetails
N/A3369 St Paul Avenue1805YesNoDetails
Bradley Octagon House5783 Summer Street1906YesNoDetails
Marsena Biggar House5916 Sylvia Place1871YesNoDetails
Lemon Homestead6993 Thorold Stone Road1800YesNoDetails
N/A8653 Thorold Stone Road1815YesNoDetails
N/A8972 Thorold Stone RoadN/AYesNoDetails
Niagara Falls Armoury5049 Victoria Avenue1911YesYesDetails
N/A4951 Walnut StreetN/AYesNoDetails
Dr James Mcgarry House4711 Zimmerman Avenue1896YesNoDetails
Bampfield Hall4761 Zimmerman Avenue1875YesYesDetails
N/A4779 Zimmerman AvenueN/AYesNoDetails