Current Planning Applications

Here you will find the current private or City-initiated development projects/planning within the City of Niagara Falls being reviewed by the Planning Department under the Planning Act regulations.  The information provided is only for those developments that have made formal and complete planning application and is not considered approved until considered by the necessary Council or Committee meeting.  This site is constantly being updated so please check back frequently for any changes.

Cannabis Facilities and Operations - Proposed City Planning

The City's Planning, Building & Development Department with SGL Planning & Design Consultants have presented a study of the cultivation, processing of cannabis and the policies and regulations for the siting of cannabis facilities and operations.  The findings can be viewed as:

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The following applications have been received for review:

  • AM-2020-005 - 6000 Marineland Parkway (aka Niagara Village)

 For details about any of the above new applications, please visit the Notice of Application Dropbox folder


The following applications are being presented at an Open House:

  • AM-2020-018 - 5500 Marineland Parkway (aka Thundering Waters Phase I and II)
  • AM-2020-016 - 6663 & 6683 Stanley Avenue and 5640 & 5582 Dunn Street

 For details about any of the above Open Houses, please visit the Open House Dropbox folder


The following applications are being considered by Council:

  • SBA-2021-001 - North side of Thorold Stone Road, West of Garner Road
  • AM-2021-003 - City-Initiated Zoning By-law Amendment for Outdoor Patios and Sidewalk Cafes - please click here for more information
  • AM-2020-007 - City-Initiated Zoning By-law Amendment for Downtown GO Transit Boundary Area - please click here for more information
  • AM-2019-022 - 5287, 5359, 5401, 5411 & 5427 River Road & 4465 Eastwood Crescent
  • AM-2020-011 - Land on the Southwest Corner of McLeod Road and Alex Avenue
  • AM-2020-015 - 4457 Ferguson Street
  • AM-2020-010 - 5769-5781 Victoria Ave, 5715 Ellen Avenue & 5072 Magdalen Street

For details about any of the above applications, please visit the Planning Dropbox folder.


The following applications are being considered by the Committee of Adjustment at a Remote Electronic Public Hearing on March 16, 2021:

  • A-2021-017 - 10014 Lyons Creek Road
  • A-2021-018 - 4204 Kalar Road
  • A-2021-021 - 4220 Stanton Avenue

For details about these applications, please visit the Committee of Adjustment Dropbox folder.