Parking for Disabled Persons

Permits are controlled and issued by the Ministry of Transportation. Applications are available at the Driver Vehicle Licence Bureau, 6100 Thorold Stone Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario. (905)358-5021

Use of a handicap space by other than a physically disabled person $300.00

Disabled Parking Permit - Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some answers to questions about Disabled Parking permits? Check out the Disabled Parking Permit FAQ.

Permit Exclusions

Disabled Persons Parking Permits are not valid in the following areas:

  • No parking zones
  • No stopping zones
  • No standing zones
  • Within an intersection or crosswalk
  • In such manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic or the clearing of snow from the highway
  • In front of, or within 1.5 metres of a driveway, laneway or curb cut
  • On an inner or outer boulevard
  • Within 3 meters of a fire hydrant
  • On or partly on or over a sidewalk
  • For more than 12 hours
  • Between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.


Private Property Owners

Own a lot and want more information about the designated parking spaces you must provide for those with disabilities? View the Disabled space information for Parking Lot Owners page for more information.

General Information for holders of Disabled Persons Parking Permits

City of Niagara Falls
Transportation Services
905-356-7521 extension 4700