Parking Violations and Fines

City of Niagara Falls By-Law 89-2000

City of Niagara Falls By-Law 89-2000 identifies violations that do not require signs to be posted. These are common infractions that apply uniformly throughout the City. Most municipalities in Ontario have similar infractions. Installation of signs for these violations would result in an overabundance of information on street to the motorist, and would necessitate an enormous drain on municipal resources for maintenance and installation.

Offences Not Requiring Posted Signs

Vehicles may not be parked, stopped or left standingFine Amount
facing wrong way$33.00
too far from edge of road or curb, shoulder$33.00
contrary to designated angle, or within designated space$28.00
on a boulevard$33.00
across, on or partly over a sidewalk$66.00
so as to impede traffic$66.00
within a crosswalk, intersection, median, bridge or tunnel$66.00
within 10 m of an intersection or 3 m of a fire hydrant$66.00
within 1.5 m of a laneway, driveway or curb cut$33.00
for servicing the vehicle other than emergency, or for display for sale$33.00
for more than 12 hours$33.00
between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. (see Overnight Offence)$33.00
large motor vehicle in a residential area$66.00
taxi cabs in metered spaces, vehicles in public vehicle bus stop$66.00

Overnight Offence

Although this offence is not required to be signed, the City of Niagara Falls has posted these signs at major roads entering the City. The City also places advertisements in the local paper and shopping news in November, to remind citizens that increased enforcement of this by-law will occur during the winter months.

On Street Signed Violations

The City of Niagara Falls posts signs for additional violations. Always check carefully for posted parking restrictions.

For metered areas, please read the meter itself for rates, length of time allowed at the meter, and if the meter is functional. If you find a meter not functioning, you may report this (including the number of the meter please) to our general information number. Our service crews will be notified. Parking tickets, if issued when meters are in fail, may be appealed to the First Attendance Office. Service records, and computerized meter function records will verify that a specific meter was reported out of order. Staff will research this for you and advise of findings.

OffenceFine Amount
park at expired meter$28.00
park where prohibited$33.00
stop/stand where prohibited$66.00