Parking Lot Owner Requirements for Disabled Spaces

By-Law 1994-262 requires every owner and every operator of a public parking facility in Niagara Falls must provide the minimum number of designated parking spaces in their parking facilities as prescribed by the following table:

Number of Parking SpacesMinimum Number of Spaces
to Be Reserved For Disabled Persons
50 - 991
100 - 1992
200 - 4995
500 - 99910
1,000 or more10 spaces plus 5 spaces
for each additional 1,000
parking spaces or part thereof

You may provide additional disabled parking spaces above the minimum requirement should you choose to do so.

As of By Law 2002-175 each designated parking space shall consist of the following

  • one authorized disabled parking sign on display:
  • one $300.00 Fine sign tab directly beneath the authorized disabled parking sign:
  • both signs are to be permanently installed at the front and centre of the parking stall and mounted at a height of 1.0 metres to 1.5 metres from the ground to the bottom of the sign:
  • be a minimum of 3.9 metres (12 feet, 10 inches) in width and 6 metres (19 feet, 8 inches) in length;
  • shall be marked with appropriate white pavement markings (lines and symbol) when located on a hard surface;
  • located on a level surface; and;
  • placed in a location as to minimize the distance to building entrances and exits and so as to permit the easy access to such entrances and exits

Please see the attachments for an illustration of the signs and required installation .

The set fine for parking in a designates disabled parking space without having a valid disabled parking permit displayed is $300.00. There is a zero tolerance enforcement approach to persons who park in disabled parking spaces without the proper permit

Authorized disabled parking signs, tabs, and hardware are available at cost from the WEGO Transit Facilty, 8202 Heartland Forest Road,    Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The disabled parking signs are $15.00 each, plus HST, and each fine tab is $7.50, plus HST.

Request for enforcement of Installed Accessible parking signs and  spaces can be done by contacted Parking Services at  905 356-7521  ext 4960

Disabled Parking Permits

If you are looking for information on obtaining a Disabled Parking Permit, visit the Disabled Parking Permit page.