Disabled Parking Permit Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sit in the car in a disabled parking space with my disability permit visible while my family or friends go in the building for me?

    No. The person with the disability MUST exit the vehicle if occupying a spot designated for the use of someone with a disability. If the person with the valid permit remains in the vehicle, then the passenger is considered to be using the permit for personal use when they exit the automobile. If the person with the disability does not exit the vehicle then there is no need to be occupying the disabled parking space.

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  • Can I use my Disability permit in an area signed as No Parking or No Stopping?

    No. The Disability permit does not allow parking in a restricted area such as No Parking / No Stopping or No Standing in the City of Niagara Falls.

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  • Can I use my permit at parking meters?

    Yes. The City of Niagara Falls allows the holder of a valid disability permit to park at meters without payment of the meter for the maximum time of the meter or 2 (two) hours, whichever is less. The valid permit MUST be displayed. If it is not displayed, a parking ticket will be issued.

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  • Can I use my permit in Municipal Parking Lots?

    Yes. A valid Disability permit is accepted when parking in a municipally owned lot without payment of the machine for the maximum duration of the lot.

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  • Can my friends or family members use my permit when parking?

    No. Only the person the permit has been issued to may use the permit to park in a Disability Access parking space. Use by another person can result in the permit being confiscated and fines up to $5,000.

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  • Do Disability permits expire?

    Yes. All Ontario issued Disability Parking Permits have an expiry date. Always check to make sure it is valid and not expired. Expired permits will result in the vehicle being considered illegal in a Disabled parking space or at a meter.

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  • It's an Ontario issued permit, are the rules all the same in every city in Ontario?

    No. Each municipality honours the disability permits independently. The only rule that is common among cities is that the permit may be used in a designated disability Parking space. Other uses for the permits are decided in each municipality based on local needs or conditions.

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  • What can I use my Disability permit for?

    An Ontario Disability permit can be used by a person who has been assigned the permit in their name to occupy a parking space designated for those with a disability. These parking spaces are marked with a posted sign displaying the universal disability sign as well as marked on the pavement.

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  • why did I get a ticket when my disability permit was in my window or visor?

    A ticket will still be issued to a vehicle if the permit is not clearly and completely visible from the outside of the vehicle.   If any of the expiry or permit code information presented on the front of the permit  is not visible a ticket will be issued.   Please ensure that before you walk away from the vehicle it can be seen clearly.Categories: Disabled Parking Permit