Site Plan Approval Process

The site plan approval process is administered by the Planning Division. City Council has delegated it’s authority to approve the site plans to the Director of Planning, Building and Development. The site plan is reviewed by the Site Plan Review Committee which is a multi-disciplinary staff technical committee. The site plan process allows City staff to review the plans for the following items:

  • Building and site design
  • Building massing
  • Relationship of the proposal to the surrounding land uses
  • Grading and servicing
  • Driveways, curbing and traffic directional signs
  • Loading and parking facilities
  • Emergency vehicle routes
  • All pedestrian accesses (walkways and ramps and their proposed surfacing)
  • Landscaping and fencing
  • Garbage storage facilities
  • Road widenings

Site Plan Approval Process (3-4 month time line)

  • Attend a preconsultation meeting with Planning Division staff to discuss the concept plan.
  • Complete Site Plan Application form and submit the drawings and other required information to the Planning Division.
  • Application is circulated to various relevant departments and agencies for comments.
  • Comments are co-ordinated by staff and forwarded to the applicant to be addressed (by making modifications/revisions to the drawings).
  • Submission of the revised site plan drawings to the Planning Division for recirculation to departments and agencies (as required).
  • Submission of final site plan drawings for approval and cost estimate for on-site works.
  • Site Plan approved by the Director of Planning, Building and Development.
  • Registration of the Site Plan Agreement.
  • Site Plan Approval clearance forwarded to the Building Division for issuance of the Building Permit.
  • All site works complete, site inspection conducted.
  • Securities/Letter of Credit return to owner.

Applicants are required to arrange for a preconsultation meeting with staff prior to submitting an site plan application. This will allow staff an opportunity to identify any issues early in the process and assist in reducing the time required to obtain approvals. The site plan drawings must be prepared in accordance with the following documents: