Riverfront Community Official Plan Amendment

 Note: The Riverfront Community Official Plan Amendment Application applies to a portion of the lands formerly referred to as the Thundering Waters Secondary Plan Area.

The City has received an application of behalf of GR (CAN) Investments to amend the Official Plan for a development proposal called Riverfront Community.  The OPA is to amend the land use designations and Special Policy Area to include a policy framework and schedules to permit a mixed use development. 

Notice of Public Meeting - Tuesday, May 8, 2018

* Studies will be provided upon request.  To do so, please send an email to planning@niagarafalls.ca with "Information Request - Riverfront" in the subject line.

A draft OPA and several studies have been submitted and can be accessed via the links provided below.

Notice of Open House - January 24, 2018

Notice of Public Information Meeting (November 20, 2017) and Public Meeting (December 5, 2017)

* The public meeting originally scheduled for December 5, 2017 is cancelled.  A Notice of the rescheduled date will be issued at a future date. The Public Information meeting scheduled for November 20, 2017 will still be held.*

Draft Official Plan - NPG, September 29, 2017

Planning Justification Report - NPG, September 29, 2017

Environmental Impact Study - Savanta, September 2017

Infrastructure Requirements - Stormwater, Wastewater and Water Servicing - Amec Foster Wheeler, September 28, 2017

Master Plan Transportation Study - Paradigm, September 2017

Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment, April 2017

Related Studies

Built Heritage and Cultural Heritage Landscape Assessment

Air Quality, Noise and Vibration Feasibility Assessment

Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport Acceptance Letter

Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment - Revised Report

 Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment - Appendix B

Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment - Appendix E