Citizen Awards and Recognition

Arts and Culture Wall of Fame

Local artists who have made a significant contribution to arts and culture in Niagara Falls.

Civic Recognition Award

Individuals and teams who have achieved accomplishments at a competitive level in various categories.

Sparkle Awards (New in 2020!)

Outstanding holiday lighting and displays in Niagara Falls. Residential and Commercial/Multi-Residential categories. Free to enter. Prizes awarded by a panel of judges and by popular vote. Formerly run by the Winter Festival of Lights; now run by our Recreation & Culture Department.

Spooky Awards (New in 2020!)

Outstanding, residential Halloween decorations, lighting displays and special effects in Niagara Falls. Free to enter. Prizes awarded by a panel of judges and by popular vote.

Sports Wall of Fame

Local athletes, teams, builders and sponsors whose achievements and/or support have brought fame to themselves and our community and/or enriched the local sports community.

Summer Trillium Awards

Outstanding curbside horticultural, landscaping displays (residential and commercial) in Niagara Falls. Recognizing and encouraging city-wide beautification. New themes each year. Prizes awarded by a panel of judges.

Volunteer Recognition Awards

The Annual Volunteer Recognition Program provides an excellent opportunity to honour and recognize the many outstanding volunteers in our community. Community organizations are invited to recognize one Individual Volunteer and one Corporate Sponsor each year. In addition, anyone may nominate individuals (or organizations) to receive one of our Special Awards.

Nominations are accepted year round, online for Corporate Sponsors and Individual Volunteers, and for our Special Awards (Senior Volunteer of the Year, Youth Volunteer of the Year, Environment, Civic Pride, George MacPhail, Stamford Alumni Association Award in Memory of Barbara Frum). The deadline for 2022 nominations October 9, 2022.

In addition, BeNF Awards are presented each year by the Mayor's Office. The BeNF Award recognizes people who are proud to be a part of the fabric that makes up Niagara Falls and give back in a generous way to fellow residents. The Doug Austin Award is presented each year by The Niagara Falls Review.

For further information please contact the Recreation and Culture Department at 905-356-7521 extension 3330 or email us.