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Welcome to the City of Niagara Falls Sparkle Awards

Now hosted by the City of Niagara Falls, the Sparkle Awards recognizes the best residential and commercial property holiday light displays in Niagara Falls. The displays are assessed on their overall appearance, attractiveness, creative illumination and colour coordination.  The Sparkle Awards is free for all Niagara Falls residential, commercial and multi-residential properties to participate to win some great prizes!

2020 Results

The results are in! See the winning displays of the 2020 Sparkle Awards in the following video:

Judge's Favourite Residential

  1. 8090 Woodsview Crescent (photo)
  2. 4026 Montcalm Crescent (photo)
  3. 7373 Redhaven Crescent (photo)

Judge's Favourite Multi-Residential/Commercial

  1. 6430 Dorchester Road (photo)
  2. 3831 Portage Road (photo)
  3. 3516 Marshall Road (no photo available)

People's Choice Residential

  1. 6250 Margaret Street (photo)
  2. 7301 Freeman Street (photo)
  3. 3948 St. James Avenue (photo)

People's Choice Multi-Residential/Commercial

  1. 6430 Dorchester Road (photo)
  2. 3831 Portage Road (photo)
  3. 3516 Marshall Road (no photo available)

Thank you to all who participated. Visit the Sparkle Awards Facebook page to share your pictures--and to check out the competition!

Sparkle Map

For more photos and videos check out our Facebook event page!

View larger map - Questions about this map? Email the City of Niagara Falls GIS staff

Route List

  1. 4310 QUEEN ST
  2. 5311 RIVER RD
  3. 5494 DESSON AV
  4. 6308 FREDERICA ST
  5. 6439 FREDERICA ST
  6. 6540 MURRAY ST
  7. 6545 MURRAY ST
  8. 6365 BARKER ST
  9. 5866 DELAWARE ST
  10. 107-6365 DRUMMOND RD
  11. 6250 MARGARET ST
  12. 6302 SKINNER ST
  13. 6533 CALEDONIA ST
  14. 6430 DORCHESTER RD
  15. 7022 BONNIE ST
  16. 7084 MCLEOD RD
  17. 7373 REDHAVEN CR
  18. 7386 SUNHAVEN DR
  19. 6285 HAWKINS ST
  20. 7370 SANDY CT
  21. 5760 HEMLOCK ST
  22. 7385 ALEX AV
  24. 8397 LAMONT AV
  25. 3516 MARSHALL RD
  26. 4026 MONTCALM CR
  27. 5990 LYONS CREEK RD
  28. 7080 SCHISLER RD
  29. 8309 TULIP TREE DR
  30. 8551 MILOMIR ST
  31. 6916 DEVON DR
  32. 8095 LYNHURST DR
  33. 6161 SHERRI AV
  34. 8090 WOODSVIEW CR
  35. 4962 EPSOM CT
  38. 7773 CORTINA CR
  39. 4204 BROOKDALE DR
  40. 3631 MATTHEWS DR
  41. 7781 BERNADETTE CR
  42. 7567 CANTERBURY CR
  43. 7448 WANLESS ST
  44. 7803 WATSON ST
  45. 6821 KEIFFER ST
  46. 7088 BRIARWOOD AV
  47. 4402 MEADOWVALE DR
  48. 7301 Freeman St
  49. 4379 PETTIT AV
  51. 3948 ST JAMES AV
  52. 4175 DRUMMOND RD
  53. 3831 PORTAGE RD
  55. 3260 FAIRWAY RD
  56. 6985 BRIAN CR
  57. 7446 WOODGATE ST
  58. 6710 RIALL ST
  59. 6357 GALAXY DR
  60. 6036 CHURCH'S LN
  61. 6031 CHURCH'S LN
  62. 5847 THERESA ST
  63. 5761 CHURCH'S LN
  64. 5422 HAMILTON ST
  65. 5166 JEPSON ST
  66. 5059 FIFTH AV
  67. 4972 JEPSON ST
  68. 4617 PARK ST
  69. 4310 QUEEN ST

How Can I Participate?

There are two ways to participate. 

  1. You can dress up your home or business in holiday lighting and décor and submit a free entry online to qualify for prizes. Check back in late 2021 for registration details.. 
  2. And/or you can simply follow the Sparkle Map (above) to see all of the entries and vote online for the People’s Choice Award. 

Rules For Decorating Entries

  • Decorations should not cover/interfere with any fire safety equipment or sidewalks/walkways.
  • Contest is limited to exterior and window decorations visible from the curbside.
  • Decorations must be lit at night during the competition timeframe, nightly so they can be easily seen by residents.
  • Decorations must be completed and ready to view at the start of the competition, when public voting will begin.
  • Participants must agree to have photos of their decorations posted on the voting online pages.
  • Participants will be provided a Sparkle Awards lawn sign designating their home as a contest entry. This sign must be placed in a prominent location (view from the curbside) in your yard.  You will need to pick-up your lawn sign from the My City Customer Service Desk at the MacBain Community Centre, located at 7150 Montrose Road during regular business hours.

Rules For Judges and the People’s Choice Awards Entries

  • Assessments will be conducted from the curbside only. Judges and residents are not to leave their vehicles to view the decorations.
  • Do not block traffic while assessing a property.  Be courteous to others participating.
  • Voting for the People’s Choice category will be announces prior to the 2021 competition.
  • Voting will be open to all residents and visitors during the voting period (one vote per voter). 

Assessment Criteria

For the Judge's Favorite Award, displays will be assessed on the following scoring scheme:

  • Overall Theme/Flow (25 marks)
  • Unique Features/Originality (25 marks)
  • Use of Space (25 marks)
  • Colour Coordination (25 marks)

Scoring for the People's Choice Award will be done by online voting only.

Energy Saving Tips from NPEI, official sponsor of the 2020 Sparkle Awards

  1. Eliminate drafts and leaks with inexpensive weather stripping and/or caulking.
  2. Install more insulation in your attic and through your home to keep the warm air in.
  3. Light the way with energy-efficient LEDs during the shorter days.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat and turn the temperature down when you are away from home or sleeping.
  5. Wrap your hot water tank in a water tank blanket.
  6. Keep your vents clear to ensure warm air is flowing into your house uninterrupted.
  7. Close your curtains to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.
  8. Replace your furnace if it’s getting old with a new energy-efficient model.
  9. Replace your furnace’s air filters to use less energy and increase its lifespan.
  10. Keep doors to unused rooms in your house closed to keep the heat in areas you are using.

For more information on the Sparkle Awards program, please email or call Recreation & Culture at 905-356-7521 ext.3341 during regular business hours.