Night of Art

Night of art poster showing the dates and times of the event

Come join us as we celebrate local musicians, artists, and the vibrant culture of Niagara! The Niagara Falls Night of Art is a free, family-friendly event that will include art installations, art exhibitions, live music, and hands-on interactive crafts and activities for all ages. With many local artists ranging in talents from music, photography, poetry and literature, to visual and avant-garde art, there is certainly something for everyone! Food from local restaurants and onsite vendors will be available for purchase so be sure to come hungry! Come on out and enjoy the fun!   

Calls for artists go out in April or May each year.  Please contact the Niagara Falls History Museum if you have questions.

Below are the details of the 2018 event

Our temporary gallery will be transformed by the wonderful imaginations of Brainkite.  You will not want to miss this installation. It will also be available on September 21st and 22nd for museum visitors.

WSFDWS? NO! It's more like EJRTGDG!

 What if If Tim Burton and Stomping Tom Conners had a baby? And what if that baby was babysat by Picasso during his blue period? The artists of BRAINKITE will be creating an ALL immersive space to discombobulate the senses; a space for visitors to explore, to get lost in & to find ones self in. A cross between a maze and an obstacle course. Breathe deep, it won't last forever, it'll be over before you know it.    (NOTE* Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult)

This dimmly lit maze/ obstacle coarse will be relying on the existing gallery colours of blue and white to our projects advantage. This gallery will be filled randomly with the following: A multitude of abstract natural wood sculptures tall and short/ natural wood skids to form (short) stair ways, tunnels, hallways, walls and more. An extremely large wood mobile will be gently moving on it's own. Rough twine will also be used for a multitude of purposes throughout the gallery. A managerie of blue moving lights will be activated by a highly original soundtrack playing within the gallery. The powerful blue lights will be placed specifically to create a compelling tale of shadows that will engulf the walls, ceiling, and floor. 

The City of Niagara Falls is proud to host the 7th annual Niagara Falls Night of Art! As always, the event is taking place at the Niagara Falls History Museum, the Niagara Falls Farmers Market, and the surrounding Main and Ferry Streets area.

Updates will be on our Facebook event page

fancy bikes as part of the bike parade with the back of the museum showing and cars moving down the road

2018 Art Installations by:

Emily Andrews

Andrea Letourneau

Ashley Marazzo

Dougie Hayz


Brain Farm

Crystal Zettel

Katie Mazi

Nick Cupolo

Dawn Crysler

Tammy Jane Lepp

2018 Artist Displays, interactives & Vendors

Marinko Jareb

Juice Willis

Jaswinder Singh

Ann McDonald

Mark Gunning

Janet Zylstra

Chloe Zylstra

Astrid Akkerman

Brian Kon

Monica Belluz & Rusty Brown

Caroline Holroyd

Clarke Bitter

Hether Irene Kech

Jennifer Gruhl

Jennifer Lynn

Grey Borders

Leona Skye

Mary Burke

Megan Jesik

Shelley Locke

Sonia Wilkinson

Victoria Morinello

Joan Nicks will also be talking about the Fall Museum Film Series

We will be adding more as they confirm

Check out some videos of past year's nights.



2018 Musical performances by:

Sound Sound

Jessica Wilson Band

The Mandevilles

Trio Corn Brio

Egan Henderson

2018 performances by:

Dakota Brant

Jacquie Jacobs

Sara Lou Stuart

Taylor Peeples

Food & Beer Vendors

Wandering Gourmet

Niagara Samosa Factory

Tamales Mexico

Awsum Day Café

Brimstone Brewing Company

Churchhill Natural Meats

Regal Diner - with Heather Fraser (live drawing) and performances through the night.

Night Of Art in the Farmers Market

Night Of Art in the Farmers Market

Installation by Emily Andrews in the Niagara Falls History Museum

Installation by Emily Andrews in the Niagara Falls History Museum in 2013

Live graffitti art and music during the Night of Art

Live graffitti art and music during the Night of Art