TransCab Service

TransCab Services

Trans-Cab Service zones have been established as an alternative service for areas of the city that do not warrant full time regular transit service.  Passengers use a taxi service provider to connect them to and from the regular Niagara Falls Transit system at zone-specific transfer hubs.

How To Use TransCab

Travelling to the TransCab Zone

  1. Call Central Taxi at 905-358-3232 prior to your trip on Niagara Falls Transit, and inform the TransCab operator when, and at which Transfer Point, the taxi needs to meet you.
  2. When you board the bus, ask the operator for a Trans-Cab Transfer.
  3. The taxi will meet you at the transfer point.  Show the TransCab Transfer to the taxi driver, who will take you to your destination in the TransCab Zone.

Travelling from the TransCab Zone

  1. Call Central Taxi at 905-358-3232, and tell the operator your pick up location, and the time and to which Transfer Point you need to meet your bus.
  2. Pay your fare to the taxi driver, and ask for a Transfer receipt, which will be accepted by your Bus Operator.
  3. The taxi will pick you up and take you to the Transfer Point for your bus connection.

TransCab Zones

These zones are in effect Monday to Saturday, 6:00am to 6:30pm.

Chippawa Parkway

The TransCab Transfer Points for this zone are Lyon's Creek & Sodom Rd and Chippawa Parkway & Portage Road. View the Chippawa Parkway TransCab Zone Map.

  • Chippawa Parkway and Front St. from Norton St. to west of Thomas St.

Stanley Avenue South / Lyon's Creek Rd.

The TransCab Transfer Point for this zone is at the corner of Drummond Rd. & McLeod Road.  View the Stanley Avenue South Lyon's Creek Rd. TransCab Zone Map

  • Stanley Ave south of Marineland Parkway to Lyon's Creek Rd
  • Don Murie St west of Stanley Ave.
  • Ramsey Rd, Kister Rd, Progress St., McClive St., Earl Thomas Ave.
  • Reixinger Rd. south of Stanley Ave, West of Ort Rd.


The Glenview zone is in effect Monday to Saturday, 6:30pm to Midnight and Sundays and Holidays 6:45am to 7:15pm.

The TransCab Transfer Point for this zone is the Bus Terminal at Bridge St. and Erie Ave. View the Glenview TransCab Zone Map.

  • Ferguson and Buttrey Streets and all side streets between River Rd and Victoria Ave.