Inter-Municipal Transit

Moving Towards Inter-Municipal Transit in Niagara

An Inter-municipal Transit Working Group led by the Mayors and CAOs from St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls with support from the Regional Chair and Niagara Region CAO have been working in cooperation to find a sustainable model for inter-municipal transit service in Niagara.

At the February 28, 2017 meeting, Niagara Falls City Council approved recommendations, endorsing in principle, the creation of a consolidated transit system in partnership with the City of Niagara Falls, St. Catharines Transit Commission, the City of Welland, and the Region of Niagara to develop a regionally integrated transit system. 

To learn more about the next steps in the process, read the media release for more information.

Inter-Municipal Transit

Since January 2016, the Inter-municipal Transit Working Group of Mayors, CAOs and transit managers from St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls with support from the Regional Chair and CAO, have been working together to develop options for integrated transit services for Niagara.

The group has been working with Dillon Consulting to develop options for an integrated transit system that works for all of Niagara. Focused on the transit user, the working group has been working cooperatively to make improvements to the existing Niagara Region Transit services during the pilot project period - to make the existing transit services the best they can be.

A service delivery and governance strategy for the future of public transit in Niagara is being presented to local municipal councils for consideration this January and February. The Niagara Transit Service Delivery and Governance Strategy report commissioned by the working group provides strategic recommendations for the improvement of transit service throughout Niagara.

In October 2016 Dillon Consulting provided an update to Niagara's municipalities and sought feedback from municipal councils and the St. Catharines Transit Commission. In November the team consulted with the community at public meetings and through an online survey. The feedback from councils and the community helped shape the consultant's final recommendations.

A series of public information centres was held in November across the Region. Information and feedback was gathered from stakeholders around the Region, contributing to the: Niagara Transit Service Delivery and Governance Strategy

For further information, view the Inter Municipal Transit FAQ.

Niagara Transit Service Delivery and Governance Strategy - Executive Summary

Inter-Municipal Bus Routes

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The Niagara Region Transit service is provided to link Niagara Falls - Welland - St. Catharines - Port Colborne - Fort Erie with Monday through Saturday service year round. For one low fare you can travel throughout the region.