Niagara Falls Solar Eclipse

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Give your Eclipse Glasses a Second Chance!

After today’s solar eclipse, the City of Niagara Falls encourages the community to drop their glasses off at a City facility for possible donation to Astronomers Without Borders or for proper recycling and disposal.

Astronomers Without Borders collects the glasses to send to people who may not otherwise have a safe way to view future eclipses in their countries.

Where to Watch

Where To Watch and Events

Niagara Falls Solar Eclipse
Join us on Monday, April 8, 2024, to witness the total solar eclipse in Niagara Falls, ranked #11 on National Geographic's "Best of the World" list for travel adventures. 

The moon is expected to completely cover the sun in the direct path of totality, making this a rare opportunity to observe this phenomenon. The solar eclipse experience is expected to start at 2:04 pm and last for about two and a half hours. The sun will be fully eclipsed at approximately 3:18 pm and will last for approximately three minutes.    

The total solar eclipse will traverse North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. After 2024, the next chance to witness such an event in North America will be in more than 20 years.

Niagara Falls will be one of the best places in Canada to view the eclipse. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to be here to share it with us. Expect crowds, lines and traffic.

Best Viewing Points  

If you are in Niagara Falls for the total eclipse, you have a front-row seat to this spectacular event! We've identified the best viewing points to consider: 

  • Firemen's Park- 2275 Dorchester Road  
    • North-end viewing area with parking and access to indoor washrooms. 
  • MacBain Community Centre Park – 7150 Montrose Road
    • Viewing area with lots of parking with access to indoor washrooms and café.
  • Patrick Cummings Park – Chippawa Arena – 9000 Sodom Road
    • South-end viewing park with lots of parking and access to indoor washrooms.
  • By the Falls – Table Rock and other Niagara Park Commission greenspaces
    • Views of the eclipse will be more limited in select areas.
    • It is recommended to access these areas by public transportation, walking or cycling.
  • Your own front or backyard and neighbourhood parks – If you can see the sky from your front or backyard or community park, staying home or close to home is a great option. The City anticipates many visitors and traffic to the community.  

Free Community Activities at City of Niagara Falls Facilities on Monday, April 8

Glow Sticks and bracelets on a hand

PD Day Activities at the MacBain Community Centre:

  • Pool:  
    • Leisure Swim: 1 pm - 7 pm (slide will be closed)
  • Gym:
    • All Ages Pickleball: 12:15 pm - 2:15 pm
    • Badminton: 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
    • Basketball: 4:45 pm - 8:45 pm
  • Room F:
    • Table Tennis: 1 pm - 8:45 pm

Community Skating at Gale Centre and Chippawa Willoughby Memorial Arenas: 1 pm - 5 pm

Niagara Falls Public Library on Monday, April 8

All activities for this special PD Day will be about space and the eclipse. Join us for games, crafts, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts and more. Have some fun at the library on your day off from school! All ages are welcome!

  • Where: All Open Library Locations (Chippawa Library will be closed on Monday, April 8).
  • When: Monday, April 8, 10:00 am - 11:30 am

For more details, please visit

Here Come the Suns: Guinness World Record Attempt on Monday, April 8

It's official! The City of Niagara Falls, in partnership with Niagara Falls Tourism, has broken the Guinness World Record for 'Largest gathering of people dressed as the sun' with 309 participants! 

The previous record was held by China Life Insurance Company Limited, which achieved the record in 2020 with 287 participants. 

The City broke the record early this morning, Monday, April 8, 2024, on a Niagara City Cruise. An official Guinness World Record adjudicator was present to adjudicate the event. Congratulations to everyone involved, making this special day even more memorable!

Thanks to Niagara River Trading Company for assisting the City of Niagara Falls in this Record Breaking Attempt.

Free Concert on Monday, April 8

Niagara Falls Tourism, in partnership with the City of Niagara Falls and Niagara Parks, is proud to present a star-studded lineup of performances on Monday, April 8, 2024. We are capping off the show with Ontario's own The Glorious Sons at Queen Victoria Park, following the celestial wonder of the total solar eclipse over Niagara Falls.

  • Where: Queen Victoria Park, 6345 Niagara River Pkwy
  • When: Monday, April 8. Performances begin at 2:40 pm, with the final performance kicking off at 8:30 pm. 

The full lineup includes performances by:

  • 2:40 pm - Niagara Symphony Orchestra 
  • 4:45 pm - The Boneheads
  • 6:00 pm - New Friends
  • 7:20 pm - JJ Wilde 
  • 8:30 pm - The Glorious Sons

The slate of entertainment will kick off with the Niagara Symphony Orchestra playing the prelude to the total solar eclipse and will resume playing once totality is reached. This free concert is scheduled to continue until 10:00 pm. View the full schedule here.

*Artist lineup and showtimes are subject to change without notice 

To learn more about events and activities taking place in Niagara leading up to and on the day of the Eclipse, visit: 

What is a Solar Eclipse

What is a Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks any part of the sun's bright face. It is only possible to look directly at the sun using a special-purpose solar filter that complies with the transmittance requirements of the ISO 12312-2 international standard.

Looking directly at the sun is unsafe except during the brief total phase ("totality") when the moon entirely blocks the sun's bright face, which happens only within the narrow path of totality. At all other times, looking directly at the sun is only safe through special-purpose solar filters. 

Helpful Viewing Tips

Safe Viewing Information

"Please remember to bring your ISO-approved eclipse glasses so that you, too, can safely enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience." - Mayor Jim Diodati.

  • Purchase ISO-certified eclipse glasses at the Gale Centre Arena, while supplies last.
  • Directly observing the sun without proper eye protection, even briefly, can cause serious harm, including retinal burns, blurred vision, or permanent loss of eyesight, as retinas lack pain sensors, making damage often unnoticed until it's too late.
  • Before using a solar filter, carefully inspect it for damage and follow the provided instructions. Discard it if you notice any scratches, tears, or punctures.
  • Supervise children when using solar filters.
  • Keep eyeglasses on and wear eclipse glasses over them or hold them in front for viewing.
  • When viewing the sun, stand still and cover your eyes with eclipse glasses or a solar viewer. Turn away before removing the filter.
  • Never view the sun through unfiltered optical devices during an eclipse. Sunglasses are not safe for viewing the sun.
  • If appropriate eye protection is unavailable, alternative viewing strategies, such as a live stream, should be considered.
  • To ensure a safe and successful photography session during the total solar eclipse, thorough preparation is key. Clifton Hill has set up a list of important steps to follow, essential items and the right equipment to capture the eclipse. How to Capture the Total Solar Eclipse: A Comprehensive Guide.
  • Review eye safety tips from the Niagara Region here
Additional Information

How To Prepare (Residents, Visitors & Businesses)

Tips for Residents:

If you live in Niagara Falls, you have a front-row seat to this spectacular event! You don’t have to pack up the car or kids, simply step out into your front yard or walk to your local park and enjoy the day. The City will also be offering free community activities at select facilities on Monday, April 8 (see “Where to Watch & Events” dropdown for details).

Starting Friday, April 5, traffic will be heavy and lines for local services such as restaurants, gas stations, grocery, and retail stores may be longer than usual; do what you can ahead of time before the anticipated impact days and allow for extra time to get where you need to go.

With some easy planning beforehand, you and your family can experience the total solar eclipse with relatively little disruptions.

Here are some helpful things to consider doing in advance:

  • Errands & Appointments: Schedule your errands and appointments early, before Friday the 5th if possible. Check ahead if you have plans for Monday the 8th; some services may be closed or have limited hours during this time.
  • Supplies: Overall, some supplies may be limited due to the high demand; which may mean the items you want are not available immediately before or after the total solar eclipse. If there is something important you want, get it early.
  • Gas: If you normally fill up your gas tank Friday – Monday, be sure to do that task early, before Friday, April 5th.
  • Cellular Service: As with any large event that brings high levels of visitation into a concentrated area, it is possible that cell signal may be compromised.  Consider these ideas to assist with communications during this time:
    • Develop a communication plan with family and friends if you lose or have limited service.
    • If you only have a mobile phone at home find out which of your neighbors have a landline number in case you need to call 911 for an emergency.
  • Cash: If you regularly use cash or want some on hand, consider visiting your local bank or ATM before April 5th as some ATMs that operate on WiFi might be unavailable due to the increased cellular traffic.

City of Niagara Falls service updates and information:

  • City FacilitiesView details on which City facilities are open and closed on Monday, April 8. 
  • Municipal Bylaw Enforcement: If you have a non-emergency by-law related matter such as waste and debris, R/V left unattended in a park, aggressive peddling/panhandling or homeless related concern(s)  then please contact Municipal Enforcement dispatch staff from 8:30 am through 9:30 pm at 905-356-7521 Ext. 4341 or Ext. 4253.  Enforcement Dispatch Staff will be available to receive and dispatch your calls in real time to Officers in the field. You can also e-mail [email protected] to log a by-law related complaint.
    • Please call 9-1-1 for emergency Police assistance from Niagara Regional Police.  An operator will answer your call and request which service is required.
    • For all non-emergency calls or general information from police please do not call 9-1-1. Please call Police dispatch at 905-688-4111 in the Niagara Falls area.
  • Parking Enforcement: Parking enforcement will be in effect for all on-street regulations, including no overnight parking. Parking Enforcement does not enforce on private property unless otherwise established through signed agreement and authorized signs, nor do they tow vehicles off private property. To contact Parking Enforcement, call 905 356-7521 Ext. 4700 from 8:30 - 4:30 pm or 905-356-1355 from 4:30pm - 8:30am.

Tips for Visitors

Niagara Falls will be one of only a handful of Canadian cities along the Path of Totality on April 8th. As a result, we expect up to a million visitors to drive into Niagara Falls to observe this phenomenon. Increased traffic congestion in and around the Niagara region is expected to begin on Friday, April 5 and build throughout the weekend. It is best to arrive early, come prepared, and have reasonable expectations during this unprecedented time.

Here are some helpful things to consider in advance of visiting Niagara Falls:

  • Pack everything you need for the day.
    • Do not think, “We’ll just pick up what we need when we get there.” Supplies will be limited or have long lines due to high demand.
    • Have snacks, water, phone chargers, entertainment, medication and first-aid supplies on hand.
  • Think about your personal safety and security:
    • Purchase ISO 12312-2 eclipse glasses in advance from a reputable supplier, as you may not be able to find any on April 8.
    • Make sure children know how to view the eclipse safely.
    • Do not leave valuables in your vehicles.
  • Plan for the road closures and anticipated traffic delays.
    • Fill up your gas tank before the eclipse.
    • Check travel conditions and road closures on Ontario 511.
    • Prepare to park and walk, bike, or take public transit to your preferred viewing location for the solar eclipse.
  • Have a good communication plan with your family members.
    • As with any large event that brings high levels of visitation into a concentrated area, it is possible that cell signal may be compromised.
      • Pick a landmark where you can reunite if you get separated in a crowd.
      • Have an emergency kit and preparedness plan for potential disruptions.
  • Help us keep our community and public areas clean and safe.
    • Please do not litter. Follow the rule “Pack it in, Pack it out!”
  • Plan for an enjoyable eclipse experience.
    • Arrive early to events and activities.
    • Wear comfortable walking shoes
    • Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hat/visor.
      • Be mindful that many viewing areas do not permit tents or shade structures of any kind – specifically Niagara Parks, throughout the Queen Victoria Park area (Clifton Hill to Kingsbridge Park).
    • Pack a folding chair
    • Pack snacks/food
    • Print maps of the area if you need directions; in case of cell service disruptions.
    • Bring cash.

For planning tips specific to Niagara Parks’ properties, visit

Tips for Businesses

Primary areas of consideration for businesses include:

  • Traffic and Road Closures. Be prepared for heavy traffic and/or road closures before and after the eclipse, especially on the 420 and QEW.
  • Parking. If possible, ensure you have designated parking for customers and employees.
  • Weather. If the forecast isn’t optimal, there could be a significant decrease in “day trippers”.
  • Cell Service. As with any large event that brings high visitation levels into a concentrated area, cell signal may be compromised.
  • Safety. Provide eye safety information in advance to your staff and customers.
  • Staffing & Scheduling. Consider full staffing and bringing in extra help. Be mindful of shift change times as traffic may prevent your employees from getting to work on time.
  • Childcare. April 8th is also a PD Day and schools are closed. Be mindful that employees with children may struggle to find care for this day and could be unavailable to work.
  • Stock Up in Advance. Increase supplies to meet higher-than-usual demand.
  • Supply Chain. Be aware of and plan to avoid potential supply-chain issues.
  • Plan for Deliveries and Appointments. Schedule deliveries, shipments, appointments, and meetings before April 6 or after April 8 to avoid eclipse-related delays and cancellations.
  • Cash Transactions. Be prepared for more cash transactions; consider having extra tills set up to accommodate – especially if you use internet/wireless service for payments.
  • Days of Operation. If you are typically closed on a Monday, consider opening.

For additional business information, download "Getting Your Business Ready - Total Solar Eclipse Guide" or visit
Download an accessible version of the "Getting Your Business Ready - Total Solar Eclipse Guide" here.

Additional Information

Getting To & Around Niagara Falls

The City of Niagara Falls is working to ensure smooth traffic flow and crowd management. While road closures are planned for Monday, April 8, increased traffic congestion in and around the Niagara region is expected to begin on Friday, April 5 and build throughout the weekend. Plan your visit and transportation in advance.  

Road Closures - Niagara Falls 

To allow for the safety of pedestrians, traffic management, and the movement of emergency vehicles there will be planned road closures in the City of Niagara Falls. 

City of Niagara Falls Road Closures – Access for emergency vehicles/local traffic/employment – 11am Monday April 8, 2024:

  1. Morrison Street will be closed between Portage Road and River Road
  2. McCrae Street will be closed between Stanley Avenue and Victoria Avenue
  3. North Street between Main Street and Buchanan Avenue
  4. River Road between Morrison Street and Hiram Street
  5. Portage Road Between Dunn Street and McLeod Road

Niagara Parks Police / Niagara Regional Police Service Road Closures for eclipse crowd management – as needed or at 12pm Monday April 8, 2024:

  1. River Road between Hiram Street and Fraser Hill
  2. Clifton Hill between Victoria Avenue and River Road
  3. Murray Hill between Fallsview Boulevard and River Road

Unplanned road closures may occur due to the ongoing operational assessments of the events. For a detailed map and additional information the road closures, visit

For information concerning alternative access and parking for the businesses and properties within the road closure area, please contact the respective business to inquire.

Public Transit 

With the expected traffic congestion and gridlock both into and throughout the destination, guests are encouraged to consider taking public transit, such as the WEGO Bus Service and/or GO Transit, into Niagara Falls. 

Niagara Region Transit

  • Niagara Transit will maintain regular service throughout the day. Niagara Region Transit (NRT) will operate at full capacity on April 8th, with anticipated significant delays. Riders are advised to limit non-essential travel and expect delays accordingly.
  • For more information, visit


  • Niagara Parks’ WEGO Green Line will be rerouted during the road closures and will include a WEGO shuttle from Rapidsview to Table Rock, as well as WEGO bus service to transport guests travelling to their destination on GO Transit.

  • WEGO Red line and Blue line will move to reduced routing due to the road closures. Service delays and disruptions should be expected for any routes travelling through the tourism area. Please download and refer to the Transit App for up-to-the-minute bus arrival information.

Niagara Falls GO Service

  • There will be special service to and from Niagara Falls on the Lakeshore West line for customers travelling to see the solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. 
    • Two extra trips are being added to the Lakeshore West line from Union Station to Niagara Falls. Trains will depart at 9:02 a.m., 10:02 a.m. and 11:02 a.m., ensuring customers have enough time to get to Niagara for the solar eclipse.  
    • Trips are also being added and modified on the Lakeshore West line from Niagara Falls to Union Station. Return trips from Niagara Falls will depart at 4:24 p.m., 4:54 p.m., 7:21 p.m. and 10:51 p.m. to give customers more departure options. 
    • All trains to and from Niagara Falls will be 12 cars long to provide as much room onboard as possible.  
    • Regularly scheduled GO bus service will also be available for customers via Route 12 Niagara Falls/ Burlington.  
    • Learn more about special GO Transit services on April 8 HERE

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • If you wish to locate the charging stations in Niagara Falls, you can use ChargeHub's or PlugShare's charging station maps. 

Boat Launches

  • Aligning with direction across the region and under the guidance of the Niagara Parks Police Service, Niagara Parks will be closing all public boat launches on its property on Monday, April 8.

  • The City of Niagara Falls Welland River (Chippawa) boat launch will also be closed to the public on Monday, April 8. Only emergency services will have access to the launch.

Parking & Transportation

  • Visitors are advised to plan for the road closures and anticipated traffic delays by preparing to park, bike, walk or take public transit to their preferred viewing location for the solar eclipse.
  • Parking enforcement will be in effect for all on-street regulations, including no overnight parking.
  • There are a number of parking lots throughout Niagara Parks properties, including Niagara Parks’ Rapidsview Parking Lot (located on Upper Rapids Boulevard) with a WEGO shuttle to Table Rock Centre at the brink of the Falls. The Falls Incline Railway will operate on an extended schedule to transport guests from the upper Fallsview area to Table Rock Centre.
  • There are also a number of public and privately operated parking lots throughout the City of Niagara Falls. View the Niagara Falls Municipal Parking map here. 

Parking map of Niagara Falls

 Refer back to this page for updated information. 

Additional Information

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