Program Information

Drop in Fitness Programs ($2.75 drop in fees) Prepaid Fitness Pass 10 classes for $27.50

Power Core

Strengthen your core and improve your muscles by toning and strengthening endurance levels. 

Core Fusion

This class focuses on toning abs (core) and major muscle groups.  Designed to burn calories and boost metabolism.

Drum Cardio

Traditional aerobic movement to the beat and rhythm of the drums. A workout for the entire body, mind and spirit. Strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles - using drumming routines all while rocking out to your favourite music.

Flex Fit 

Enhances flexibility, stretching and relaxation. Movements designed to increase range of motion, improve posture, flexibility and release tension.

Gentle Fit

 A great place to start a fitness routine for those new to exercise and have no limitations.  This class will help with balance, build strength and endurance through muscle toning with light weights and exercises to help with flexibility, especially the shoulder and neck area.  We finish the class with some light stretching to Improve joint range of motion with stretches and gentle breathing.

Get Fit All

A moderate intensity workout, this class is designed to help shed excess fat while building strength and endurance. This class includes cardio exercise, body weight exercises and finishes with core training and stretching for a complete workout. All levels.

Get Fit with Step 

An intense aerobics class using the Step. Burns 30– 60% more calories than traditional aerobics with particular emphasis on hip, thighs, abdominals and buttocks.

Men's Only Fitness 

A mixed cardio class consisting of low impact functional exercises. Balance exercises and strength training are key components of the class.

Sculpt & Tone 

Sculpt and Tone exercises focus on adding definition to your physique with higher reps and lower weight. These workouts will help improve your circulation, metabolism, and caloric burn, further enhancing the shape and definition of your muscles.

Stretch N' Tone

Class focusses on building functional strength, stretching, and toning. For people who are "yoga challenged" but still want the same benefits of increased flexibility and relaxation.

Sit and Be Fit

Chair exercises that focuses on increasing strength and endurance through low intensity seated exercise.


The easy-to-follow program that lets you move to the beat at your own speed.  It’s an invigorating, community oriented dance-fitness class that feels fresh and most of all exhilarating! Zumba Gold classes provide modified, low-impact moves for active older adults. 

Short Mat Bowling

A fun indoor sport by rolling a large ball in an attempt to score points against their opponent. This will be played at the Gale Centre Arena.

Pay as you go Pre-Paid Card ($15 card / $1.50 per class)

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi is based on repetition of slow, gentle continuous stretching movements that incorporate the whole body.  Increase your strength, circulation, balance and mental focus in the class. 

Registered Programs


Aqua Cycle - Register

Aqua Cycling is a fun full body exercise, easy on the joints and great for your muscles and overall toning. We use specially designed bike frames which sit stationary at the bottom of the pool. Sitting half out of the water, your legs pedal away enjoying the benefits of underwater exercise. The water provides its own benefits as the support and gentle pressure speeds up blood circulation and helps eliminate fat, burning more calories per hour than an average spinning class. Muscle soreness is reduced, and cellulite areas targeted, as the cool water massages while you move, and as with any underwater exercise your joints are subjected to far less stress. Aqua Cycling will have you feeling fitter, stronger, healthier, and happier than most land-based exercises.

Aquafit - Register

Use the buoyancy and resistance of the water to give you a safe, effective full body workout. Focus will be on cardiovascular, muscle toning, flexibility and increased mobility. 

Aqua Tone & Stretch (Postponed - Will resume in September) - Register

Aqua Tone & Stretch is perfect for you to assist with circulation while performing safe activity with greater ease in the water if you suffer from chronic pain, injuries or osteoarthritic conditions. 

Chair Yoga - Register

Chair Yoga is a specific form of yoga as therapy developed by Lakshmi Voelker-Binder in 1982, practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. The chair’s there to help if you want to hold onto something for balance, or if you’d rather do the whole class sitting down.  The poses are often adaptations of asanas in modern yoga as exercise.

Hatha Yoga - Register

Sessions include three segments; beginning and ending with relaxation exercises incorporating all body muscles and breathing.

* New Tranquility Meditation- Register

Mindfulness based approach to quieting your mind and gaining some inner peace. Develop a calmer and focused mind and reduce mental chatter. 

Pickleball Lessons - Register (Postponed- Will resume in October)

Join our instructor to learn more about pickleball. There are two classes to chose from: 1 p.m. Beginner Lessons and 2 p.m. Skills and Drills.

Sit and Cycle Register

Enjoy the low impact cardio benefits of our seated elliptical bikes. The smooth rotational motion helps increase strength and mobility without putting any stress on the joints and targets your glutes, hip, flexors, hamstrings, and calves. Core training and resistance equipment for upper body will also be added to make this a gentle full body workout.

Sticks and Straps Register

A combination of Davinci Sticks and TRX workout. Helps to improve posture, mobility, and strength.

Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) - Register

TRX is a revolutionary workout that incorporates a special set of straps that hang from the wall. Use your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

 Drop in Recreation Programs ($1.50 drop in fees)- Pre- Paid Program Pass 10 classes for $15.00

Drop-In Pickleball ($4 for members; $5 for non-members)

Pickleball is a paddleball sport that combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles to hit a perforated polymer ball, much like a wiffle ball, with 26–40 round holes, over a net.

Fitness Studio ($1.50 drop in fee)

Equipped with treadmills, elliptical, rowing machines, bike, free weights, multi station weight machine and much more to work all your major muscle groups.

Table Tennis ($1.50 drop in fee)

Test your skills at this fun game. 

Art and Culture Programs 

Ballroom Line Dancing ($4.50 drop in fee) 

No partners are required.  Learn to Rumba, Cha Cha, Tango & Waltz.

Book Club (meets once per month)

Book clubs promote a love of literature in a positive, nurturing environment. The 60 Plus Older Adults Book Club is facilitated by Carrie Bosco from the Niagara Falls Library. Join us every month as we discuss the Book of the month.

Clogging - Beginner & Advanced ($2.25 drop in fee)

Clogging is a mixture of step and tap dancing with roots in the Appalachian step dancing; too much fun to be a workout. 

Digital Media Club ($1.50 drop in fee)

Digital Media is a demonstration in Windows or Mac—features I-Pads, Memo Pads and Laptops, followed by a question and answer session.  

Watercolours ($1.50 drop in fee

Drop in and pick up some tips from our mentors. Please bring your own supplies.   

Cards and Other Fun Games! ($1.50 drop in fees)

Bingo! Members ($3.00) Non-Members ($4.00) - registered

Introducing Bingo, where the balls turn, the cards dance, and your chances of winning is as high as our enthusiasm. 


Drop in and play bridge  Monday afternoons with other members who love the game.


Team cribbage at it social finest.  Come count up your 15 two's while sharing a laugh.  No experience necessary.


Come throw darts and socialize with friends.


What’s Trump Euchre is a progressive card game.  There are prizes for the top two total scores, a secret score prize, a prize for most one hands and a prize for any couple who gain a score of 16 or more in a game. Come out and join the experience necessary!

Golden Hour Bridge 

The Golden Hour Bridge Club, play four hands of bridge at each table and the two partners with the higher score move to the next table and the partners split up. 

Mexican Train 

Mexican Train is a game played with dominoes.  The object of the game is for a player to play all the dominoes from his or her hand onto one or more chains, or “trains”, emanating from a central “station”. New to the game? We are willing to train!


Come play this fun game and socialize with friends.