Signs and Signals

Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings

The Transportation Services Section is responsible for the engineering aspect and the installation and ongoing maintenance of traffic signage and pavement markings. This includes identifying the appropriate sign/marking, size and the respective location. In order to retain credibility of all traffic control devices, consistency in application is necessary. Insufficient signs may leave road users unprepared, while over-signing results in complacency. We are required to adhere to the Ontario Traffic Manuals established by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. This manual sets the engineering requirements for which type of sign is to be posted, the size, spacing and colour(s)) of the sign.

To report a missing or damaged traffic sign (i.e. street name sign, stop sign, parking sign, etc) please contact 905-356-1355.

Pedestrian Signals

Pedestrian Cross Walk City of Niagara Falls is committed to the safety and convenience of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Traffic safety is our main concern at each of the traffic signals which we maintain. We attempt to fairly balance the needs of all road users and make adjustments to meet this goal.

Years ago, when traffic volumes were much lower than today, pedestrians could follow directions from the same traffic signals as motorists. Traffic signal operations have become more complicated today, and pedestrian signals can function differently at various locations in the City.

Traffic Signals

For emergency maintenance call 905-356-1355.

Traffic signals are necessary to ensure safe vehicular and pedestrian movement on city streets. In an effort to meet this task it is essential that signals be functional at all times. Transportation Services is responsible for the engineering aspect of traffic signal operations for intersections under city jurisdiction. This includes determining the appropriate signal timing and phasing. On-going maintenance of the signals is carried out by the Region of Niagara.

Intersection Pedestrian Signals

In addition to full traffic signals, the city has Intersection Pedestrian Signals located at Victoria Avenue and Jepson Street.  For information on their operation, view the Pedestrian Signals Information document.

Facts about All Way Stop Controls

View the Facts about All-Way Stops document.