Schedule of Fees

The following is a list of the services we provide, as well as the cost.

Name of ServiceCostHSTTotal Cost
8 Hour Intersection
Traffic Count (per location)
24 Hour Automatic Traffic
Record Count (per location)
24 Hour Speed Study
(ATR) (per location)
Motor Vehicle Collision
Summary Report (per location)
Traffic Signal Timing
Plan Summary (per location)
Disabled Parking Sign$40$5.20$45.20
Disabled Parking Tab Sign$20$2.60$22.60
6 Foot Telespar Post & Base$60$7.80$67.80
10 Foot Telespar Post & Base$70$9.10$79.10
"Slow Down" Lawn Sign and base$16.50$2.15$18.65
24 Hour Automatic Traffic
Recorder data (per season)