Special Events and Permits

Oversize/Overweight Load Permit

An Oversize / Overweight Load Permit is required by companies wanting to move loads that exceed Ontario Highway Traffic Act accepted length, width, height or weight limits. Section 110 of the Highway Traffic Act authorizes municipalities to grant permits for the movement of excess loads within their jurisdiction, upon application in writing, and may specify any conditions deemed necessary by the Corporation to protect persons or property from injury or damage. Available are single use permits for a fee of $25.00 or an annual permit at $150.00. A minimum of 48 hours processing time is required.

Click Here for an application form and to view general conditions.

Special Events Permit

A City of Niagara Falls Special Events Permit is issued for events taking place on municipal property. These events include but are not limited to: filming, parades, bicycle tours and races, running events, procession, walk-a-thon, sidewalk sale, etc. The Special Events Permit Application is available online.

Insurance Certificate

All special event applicants must provide proof of liability insurance, minimum amount of five million dollars ($5,000,000), naming The Corporation of the City of Niagara Falls as co-insured. Military, religious and aboriginal groups are exempt from having to provide insurance for their events. Please arrange for your insurance company to fill out and return a Certificate of Insurance Document as this is the only insurance form that the City accepts for Special Events.

Road Jurisdictions

Some roadways in the City of Niagara Falls are not under municipal jurisdiction, view the list of roadways that are under the jurisdiction of a different road authority. If you wish to obtain a permit on any of the roadways listed in the above document, please contact the applicable road jurisdiction:

Consent from Business Improvement Areas

If your special event is taking place in any of the Business Improvement Areas (BIA's) in the City of Niagara Falls, you will require to obtain a written permission from a representative of the applicable BIA:

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Special Events Permits and/or wish to submit an application form, please contact Mathew Bilodeau - Manager of Transportation Engineering at extension 5204 or [email protected] or Bart Skiba - Traffic Technologist, Transportation Engineering at extension 5201 or [email protected].