Disabled Warning Signs

What are disabled warning signs?

The City of Niagara Falls has taken a “Made in Niagara Falls” approach to address concerns for individuals with physical, developmental or behavioural issues. The approach includes the installation of a Disabled Warning Sign, a new symbolic traffic sign to warn motorists of various disabilities within residential neighbourhoods.

What does the sign look like?

The Disabled Warning Sign includes the universally recognized Disability Symbol at the top, with tabs identifying the more specific condition(s) of the individual(s) in the area below. An example of the sign is illustrated to the right of this page and in the attachment below. 

Who can apply for a disabled warning sign?

The Disabled Warning Sign is available to individuals (child, children and/or an adult) with autism, or who have a visual and/or hearing impairment. There are no costs associated with the sign.

Please contact Transportation Services at 905-356-7521 extension 5202 for more information and to request an application form

Disabled Warning Sign Sample