The primary function of the Training Division is to train and educate Fire Department personnel.  The same core training modules are offered to both full-time and volunteer firefighters, ensuring all firefighters train to a consistent standard.

The Training Division consists of a Chief Training Officer, Captain of Training and a Training Officer, each have their individual responsibilities to ensure a comprehensive training program is achieved.  The Chief Training Officer is responsible for establishing the training and education curriculum for the Department.  The Captain of Training oversees the volunteer training program while the Training Officer oversees the full-time training.  Both the Captain and Training Officer are responsible for the delivery of training programs to all firefighting personnel.  All training is conducted in conjunction with the Platoon Chiefs and District Chiefs.

Additional functions of the Training Division are:

  • Conducting reclassification and promotional examinations
  • Ensuring emergency medical training is conducted, as required
  • Fire ground emergency operations training
  • Company Officer training sessions
  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation driver's license classification examinations and renewals
  • Coordination and training of hazardous materials, vehicle extrication, high angle rescue, confined space rescue, water and ice rescue
  • Firefighter Professional/Career development
  • Continuous updates of video and reference library
  • Maintaining department training records