Fire Fighter Recruitment

The Niagara Falls Fire Department conducts recruitment for firefighters on an annual basis for volunteer firefighters and as the need occurs for full-time (career) personnel.

Under normal circumstances, on an annual basis, the recruitment for volunteers normally begins in September for a start time in December. The first phase begins with a public information session conducted at one of the volunteer stations for members of the public who are interested in pursuing the opportunity. The notification will be through the local print media, the City of Niagara Falls website and by information signs located at each volunteer fire station within the city.

Career firefighter recruitment occurs on an as-needed basis and normally takes place every 1 to 2 years. There is no set time in which this recruitment will happen within the year so particular attention will have to be paid to local print media as well as the City of Niagara Falls Employment Opportunities section of the website. Calls to the Fire Department are discouraged.