Fire Prevention

Building a Fire Safe Community

A boy and two firefighters walking on the street with a fire truck in the background. Property of Niagara Falls Review

The Fire Prevention Office is located at 5809 Morrison Street on the ground floor of the Fire Administration Building.

The Fire Prevention Division is comprised of a group of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring fire and life safety within the City of Niagara Falls. Within the division there are 4 Fire Prevention Officers, 2 Captains of Fire Prevention, 1 Director of Fire Prevention and 1 Fire Prevention Secretary. The staff strive for excellence and maintain professionalism through regular training including maintaining certifications.

Fire Prevention within the City of Niagara Falls is achieved through a number of different practices that ensure the overall fire safety of the residents of the city as well as the many visitors who travel here each year. Fire prevention is implemented in Niagara Falls through public education programs, fire safety inspections, fire investigations and fire code enforcement, all of which contribute to the overall fire safety in our community.

While these are just a few of the services provided, all fire prevention inquiries should be directed to the Fire Prevention Office at (905) 356-1321 ext 2207 and always remember to…

"Think of fire before is starts!"

Fire Prevention Documents