Communication Division

The Communications Division of the Niagara Falls Fire Department currently uses a state-of-the-art P25 radio communications system. Radios can communicate in analog mode with legacy radios, and in either digital or analog mode with other P25 radios. Additionally, by being P25-compliant, we anticipate a high degree of equipment interoperability and compatibility in the future.

Staffing consists of one Captain of Communications and four (4) full-time Communicators.  Staffing is augmented by full-time fire-fighters who are fully trained in all aspects of alarm room dispatch protocol.

Our system is fully redundant, having a second server located that can be switched to instantly should the need arise. As well, should we ever have to abandon the main Communications centre, a back-up centre can be manned within minutes.

We have the ability to receive up to four (4) incoming 9-1-1 calls at once. We also receive direct alarms from one monitoring company, as well as verbal alarms from remote monitoring companies.  In addition, with tiered response protocols, we assist the Niagara Emergency Medical Services by receiving info directly into our cad from their Communications centre, and respond accordingly.