Sign Permit

An application for a Sign Permit should be submitted to the Building Department where it is checked for completeness and compliance with the Sign By-law and other regulatory agencies (i.e. Niagara Escarpment Commission, Niagara Parks Commission, Ministry of Transportation, Regional Municipality of Niagara).

If the application is accepted, a permit can be issued upon payment of the required fee.

If the application is not accepted, due to non-compliance with the regulations of the Sign By-law, a minor variance may be considered. Minor variances to the Sign By-law are administered in the Planning & Development Department.  The fee for a Minor Variance to the Sign By-law is $2,100.00.

Should the relief from the Sign By-law not be "minor" in nature, an amendment to the Sign By-law may be considered. The fee for a Sign By-law Amendment Application is $5,600.00.

Sign By-law Update

On March 26, 2013, a public meeting was held where Council considered proposed amendments to the Sign By-law. Council deferred its decision on the proposed amendments, directing staff to conduct further public consultation with the City's Business Improvement Associations (BIA's).

Staff undertook consultations in April and are working to address the concerns raised by the BIA's. Staff are preparing proposals for by-law revisions that will be presented in the Fall to continue the dialogue with the BIA's.

On August 13, 2013, Council approved housekeeping changes to the by-law that introduce new categories of signs allowing for institutional uses within residential areas to have signs, new development signs to be erected without a variance and signs for agricultural uses.  There were also minor wording changes made to clarify and contemporize the by-law.  The consolidated amended Sign By-law can be found on the City's By-law web page.