Development Charges

These development charges are in effect as of September 1, 2021.


  • Single detached dwelling and semi-detached dwelling:
    • Within the urban area: $ 14,242.00 per unit
    • Within the non-urban area: $8,321.00 per unit
  • Townhouse dwelling: $8,932.00 per unit
  • Apartment dwelling: $6,771.00 per unit


  • Urban Area - Tourist Core: $29.37 per square metre of gross floor area
  • Urban Area - Excluding Tourist Core: $48.03 per square metre of gross floor area
  • Non-Urban Area: $22.07 per square metre of gross floor area


Industrial Development Charges were abolished in November 2001.


 For complete details, refer to the Development Charges By-law (2019). For map of the Urban & Non-Urban areas, refer to Schedule “C” of the By-law. The updated charges are listed in the Notice of the Passing of the Development Charges By-law (2019).

Development Charges 2019

A municipality is required to update its Development Charges every five years.  At the link below, please find the background study that will provide the basis for the proposed 2019 Development Charges by-law.

The documents came from an external source and should you require an alternative (i.e., accessible) format, please contact Bill Matson.