Development Charges

What are Development Charges?

Development charges (DCs) are fees collected from builders and developers to help pay for the capital cost of infrastructure required to provide municipal services to new development. Eligible services include roads, water, storm and sewer infrastructure, parks and recreation, libraries, fire services, etc.

The intent is to ensure that “growth pays for growth” to avoid existing taxpayers having to pay to subsidize the costs related to servicing growth developments.

The Development Charges Act (DCA) outlines statutory exemptions and credits related to the collection of DCs for specific types of development. 

Current City of Niagara Falls DC Rates

These development charges are in effect as of September 1, 2023.


  • Single detached dwelling and semi-detached dwelling:
    • Within the urban area: $17,239 per unit
    • Within the non-urban area: $9,751 per unit
  • Townhouse dwelling: $10,813 per unit
  • Apartment dwelling: $8,194 per unit


  • Urban Area - Tourist Core: $33.68 per square metre of gross floor area
  • Urban Area - Excluding Tourist Core: $57.26 per square metre of gross floor area
  • Non-Urban Area: $24.44 per square metre of gross floor area


Industrial Development Charges were abolished in November 2001.

Interest Rates

Interest related to the Development Charges Act, 1997, S.O. 1997, c. 27, section 26.1 and section 26.2 is 5%.

Development Charge Study

Development Charges Study 2019

A municipality is required to update its Development Charges every five years.  At the link below, please find the background study that provides the basis for the 2019 Development Charges by-law.

The documents came from an external source and should you require an alternative (i.e., accessible) format, please contact the City Clerk at 905-356-7521 ext. 4342 or [email protected].  

Update to Development Charges & Community Benefits Charges: DC Study, CBC Strategy and By-Law Updates

The City of Niagara Falls is updating its Development Charges Background Study and By-Law.  Further, the City will review its current DC Exemptions and Programs offered and beyond what is legislated as part of the Background Study Update.

Niagara Region Development Charges

Please visit Regional Development Charges for general information as well as current fees that are applicable through the Niagara Region.