Swimming Pool Permit

When installing a pool it is important that property owners are aware of all of the rules and regulations that are applicable.

Swimming Pool Bylaw

Swimming Pool By-law 2014-58 was passed by Council on May 13, 2014.  The by-law establishes regulations that are applicable for all above ground, in ground and seasonal pools installed in the City of Niagara Falls. These regulations include swimming pool enclosure requirements.

Swimming Pool Building Permit Application

  • Application for a Permit to Install a Swimming Pool
  • Please note! If you use Chrome to fill out the PDF pool permit application, it will mix up the information into different fields.  Please download the form and open it with PDF software that is not Chrome. 

Permit fees must be paid upfront before acceptance of the application.  The pool permit process is started with payment and submission of a complete pool permit application. This application along with the accompanying drawings is reviewed for compliance and once all of the requirements has been satisfied a pool permit is issued. To aid in the timely acceptance and processing of your application please call or email any questions in advance.


Pool TypePermit FeePerformance Security DepositTotal
Above Ground$150.00$500.00$650.00

Debit or cash payment can be made in-person at City Hall - Building Department.  Cheques made payable to the City of Niagara Falls can be received in-person or by mail. Please indicate the address of the swimming pool permit on the cheque.  Credit card payment is not accepted.

Upon payment, swimming pool permit applications can be submitted in-person or by email to [email protected].  

Other Requirements

  • An inground pool requires a Lot Grading Plan. Please submit this with your application.
  • A clearance may be required from other jurisdictions.

Swimming Pool Building Permit Inspections

Once the permit is issued all required inspections can be booked by contacting 905-356-7521 extension 4251/4285 or email [email protected].


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