Pet Regulations & Dog Licences

Dog wearing a collar with a licence Licensing fees

City of Niagara Falls dog licences must be renewed annually. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to ensure their dog has a valid licence. 

  • $20.00 for spayed/neutered dogs
  • $40.00 for unaltered dogs

Purchasing a dog licence 

Note: Owners of pit bull type dogs must purchase licence(s) directly from the Niagara Falls SPCA and Humane Society. For more information, visit the Niagara Falls SPCA and Humane Society's website.

Keeping your dog on a leash

As per By-Law No. 2019 - 35, dogs must be walked with a leash (unless at a designated off-leash dog park), with fines of up to $150 per offence

Keeping your dog on a leash protects your pet from:

  • Getting lost -A leash will prevent your dog from leaving your sight and venturing into unfamiliar environments.
  • Running into traffic -A leash will keep your dog away from oncoming vehicles.
  • Encountering hostile animals - Wild animals, such as coyotes, may attack if they are disturbed by an unleashed dog. They may also expose your dog to disease.
  • Scaring or injuring -Children, adults, elderly people, or other domestic animals.
  • Ingesting unsafe items -A leash will prevent your dog from consuming litter, animal waste, dangerous plants and substances, and contaminated liquids.

Picking up dog waste

Who ever has control of the dog (usually the owner or dog walker) is responsible for picking up after the dog.

Dangerous Dogs 

If you are an owner of a dog that has attacked a person or animal without reason it may be deemed a “dangerous dog”. These steps should be taken to prevent future attacks, including:

  • Muzzling
  • Tethering
  • Pen confinement
  • Display of dangerous dog sign.