Update on Winter Storm Response, Facility Openings and Resumption of Niagara Falls Transit

City Administrative Facilities

The following City of Niagara Falls administrative facilities are open to the public :

  • City Hall (4310 Queen Street)
  • MacBain Community Centre (7150 Montrose Road)

View current access restrictions to City of Niagara Falls facilities and services.

Gale Centre and the Niagara Falls History Museum which have been closed since January 3rd, 2022 due to Provincial COVID measures, remain closed.

Niagara Falls Transit

All conventional City and WEGO service is back running as well as Chair a Van services. Riders should be careful around and at bus stops.

Recreational Updates:

01/20/2022 8:15 AM Update:

  • All designated walking trails have been cleared.

  • Fireman’s Park and F.H. Leslie Park parking lots have been cleared for those wishing to toboggan.

  • Ice rinks are being cleared of the high volume of snow to assist our volunteer groups in maintaining the various rinks throughout the City.  Currently, Maple Street Park, Fernwood Park and John N Allan Park are clear.  Staff are working towards clearing Preakness Park.

  • Further updates will be posted as areas are cleared for recreational use.

Snow Clearing Updates

01/20/2022 8:15 AM Update:


  • Municipal Crews concluded snow plow operations late afternoon/evening after our extreme storm event that started early morning hours Monday.  A full sanding/salting operation was conducted during the evening hours.
  • Crews will continue to patrol residential neighbourhoods to ensure all roadways are passable.  Residential concerns are being investigated and addressed as necessary.
  • Snow lifts will begin during our overnight hours to clear around Hospital, Transit hubs and bridge decks.  This will take several nights, please expect one lane of traffic or detours during these operations.

Please drive according to road conditions as warmer temperatures yesterday caused runoff (melt) as temperatures dropped throughout the evening and overnight causing slippery conditions. 


  • Sidewalk plows continue to tackle our designated sidewalk winter clearing routes.  It is slow going with some curb-faced sidewalks being used as snow storage, residents clearing driveway aprons and piling on sidewalks. 

Municipal Team will assess all operations and further updates will be sent as necessary.

01/19/2022 10:30 AM Update:

  • Full sanding operation will commence once streets are clear of material.  Melting snow today and dropping temperatures overnight tonight will result in slippery conditions.
  • Clearing of Bus stops and sidewalk ramps at school crossing locations was underway overnight, and continues today.  This is slow going due to volumes and piled snow from the roadways and driveways.
  • Sidewalks beats are continuing to be plowed, but are extremely slow due to piles of snow at the curb from driveway clearing.
  • Outdoor ice rinks are being cleared with snow-blowers this morning.
  • Trails are being cleared as best we can.

01/19/22 8:00 AM Update:  

  • The majority of city streets, with some exceptions, have been cleared with either one or two passes.
  • Parked vehicles continue to be a concern as the plows have to bypass these streets until vehicle(s) are removed.
  • Cul de sacs, crescents, elbows and dead ends have either had a pass to allow vehicles to get out onto the side street, or are cleared. Further cleanup will continue throughout the day and into this evening.
  • Warren Woods Subdivision has been very challenging with the dense housing, roundabouts and parked vehicles. Plow trucks have become stuck multiple times and need to be towed out. A plow and loader have entered the section of Warren Woods east of Kalar Road.
  • Full sanding operations will commence once streets are cleared of material.

01/19/22 4:00 AM Update:

  • Municipal crews continue to tackle the volume of snow left from Monday’s winter event.  Crews that began at midnight will stand down and return at midnight tonight to conduct another full scale plowing operation.  Currently 10 plow operators and 5 loaders are continuing in areas that require a first snow plow pass.  This is approximately 15-20% of the residential streets throughout the City.  Parked vehicles on the roads continue to be challenge for our operators as the plow trucks cannot maneuver the narrow roadway.
  • All mainlines are open and passable.  Arterial Roads are being widened to assist our Transit system and emergency service to make the full turn onto on and off the mainlines.
  • Contractor Loaders and City Loaders will continue this evening and overnight to open all roads within the City of Niagara Falls.
  • Sidewalk plowing routes will re-start at 5:00 am.  With all routes being covered.
  • Staff will assess residential roads after the plowing operation. Based upon conditions further operations will be planned and an update sent.
  • Residents are asked to stay clear from plowing equipment to allow them to safely perform this work. Also if possible not to park on the street as it may hinder clearing operations.
  • Residents who are traveling should check weather forecast before doing so and should leave additional time. When traveling drivers should exercise caution as they may encounter less than ideal road conditions.

01/18/22 10:00 AM Update: 

City of Niagara Falls’ crews are continuing with a full scale snow operations today.  We are aware that some local roads are still uncleared, and that residents and businesses are concerned about access from their properties.  Rest assured that we have every available resource tackling this challenge.  We’ve seen and heard numerous stories of neighbourly assistance, which is heartwarming and illustrates the resilience and compassion of our Community. We sincerely want to thank all residents for your patience, your ongoing neighborly efforts, and for your commitment to safety during this time.

In particular crescents, cul-de-sacs, and dead-ends roads are proving to be extremely challenging to clear due to limited maneuverability around curves and around parked and abandoned cars.  Unfortunately this challenge has been compounded by the total volume of snow, which has resulted in impassable conditions for regular plows.  These locations will be more time consuming to clear since they will require the use of heavy equipment such as front-end loaders; which under these conditions has been proven to be very time consuming.  Residents on these roads may experience the lengthiest delays in response.

Due to the intensity of this snow storm it was anticipated that it would take City crews several days to dig out from this storm and this is unfortunately the case.  We are monitoring progress very closely, and at this time we anticipate that by the end of the day today all streets will be passable with a minimum of one single pass.  Municipal Works will continue to focus our efforts on cleanup once all roads are passable. 

In the case of urgent concerns, please contact the City’s 24/7 dispatch line at 905-356-1355

01/18/22 8:00 AM Update: City of Niagara Falls’ crews have resumed full-scale operations today.  We understand that some residential streets have not had any snow clearing completed, we anticipate that by the end of the day today all streets will have received at least one snow clearing.  Due to the intensity of this snowstorm, it was anticipated that it would take City crews several days to dig out from this storm and this is, unfortunately, the case.  Snow clearing efforts were made more difficult due to a number of factors including:

  • a number of our plows becoming stuck in the snow,
  • a large number of vehicles left abandoned in the street which required us to dig out and remove these cars,
  • our support for emergency operations such as paramedic or other priority service requests
  • the overall amount of snow that was dumped in a relatively short period of time.

Any resident who had to shovel out their driveway or sidewalk yesterday likely realized that it took a lot longer and was a lot harder than normal.  The task of clearing city streets after this storm was no different – it has been a lot harder and it will take longer than normal.  We ask that everyone remain patient as we look to clear this snow over the next two days.  

Waste Collection 

  • Niagara Region’s waste collection contractors (GFL and Miller) are currently attempting to complete collection of areas with a regular collection day of Monday, focusing on routes where streets are plowed. Areas that did not receive collection today will receive services on Wednesday.
  • As it currently stands, collection in most areas of the region is delayed by one day; however based on road conditions, further delays may occur
  • Please keep Green Bin and Blue / Grey Box materials until next week’s collection if possible
  • Be sure to check the Region's website, our social media feeds, or call the Waste Infoline at 905-356-4141 for the most up-to-date information
  • Updates will also be sent through the Niagara Region Waste Management app; the app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Public Health Vaccination Clinics

Visit niagararegion.ca for details.

Daily Cold Weather Relief

Coronation Centre - 5925 Summer Street

The new warming centre at Coronation Centre (5925 Summer Street) is now open. The location will be open daily, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm until April 15, 2022. Once inside, visitors are welcome to a light meal, restrooms and other supports from staff including accessing services. Access to the facility is from the Summer Street entrance.

Residents can support the City’s winter storm response by:

  • refraining from parking on streets in order to allow plow equipment the room to clear snow
  • keeping a safe distance from plow trucks to allow them to work safely
  • reconsidering non-essential travel until conditions improve. Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become
  • difficult to navigate due to accumulating snow. If travel is necessary, check weather conditions, plan additional time and exercise caution.
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