2019 Spring Park Maintenance Update

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Park maintenance delays across the City of Niagara Falls will continue as long as Municipal Works crews endure challenges with poor weather and/or ground conditions.

Protecting the integrity of our parks and fields, making them safe for the use of the public, is our top priority.

Significant rainfall and a late spring thaw have contributed to the retention of large amounts of water over a prolonged period in green spaces throughout the City.  These waterlogged areas will take longer than usual to drain and become stable enough to support heavy maintenance equipment and activity.

Sports field preparation delays are a necessary precaution to prevent further turf damage.

Grass heights may be left longer than usual in some locations until conditions improve and turf growth rates return to normal levels. 

Municipal Works will make every effort to catch up and return to normal park maintenance schedules as soon as Mother Nature allows. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

For more information, contact:

Erik Nickel
City of Niagara Falls, Department of Municipal Works
905-356-7521 ext 4219
[email protected] 

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