Fourth Annual Garage Sale at the Gale! Niagara’s Premier Community Garage Sale

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The Garage Sale at the Gale has raised over $2,000 this year for the Activity Subsidy Fund, thanks to the registration of nearly 100 vendors, who have signed up to sell thousands of items on Saturday, June 22.

“It’s been really great to see the Garage Sale at the Gale continue to grow in popularity,” said Laurie Primeau, Chair of the Recreation Committee. “The event is a fundraiser for the City’s Activity Subsidy Fund and is also a great opportunity for people to host a garage sale without all of the hassles.”

The funds raised support the Activity Subsidy Fund and come directly from local vendors who book parking stalls where they will lay out their wares or sell them right from the trunk of their cars. More than 80 stalls have been booked by vendors selling a huge variety and quantity of items this year. The Terry Fox Committee will also be on site selling food and beverages to fortify all the early-rising vendors, treasure hunters, and thrifty shoppers.

The Garage Sale at the Gale takes place on Saturday, June 22nd from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., rain or shine, at the Gale Centre (5152 Thorold Stone Road). Items for sale include:

  • Sports memorabilia and cards
  • Sports equipment and clothes
  • Collectibles & vintage items
  • Doll clothes
  • Household items
  • Tools
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Denim purses and pouches
  • Crochet crafts and blankets
  • Books
  • Handmade wooden signs
  • Beeswax products
  • Essential Oils and bracelets
  • Handmade crafts
  • Clothing
  • Baby clothes, double stroller, baby jogger
  • Toys
  • And more!

About the Garage Sale at the Gale
The Garage Sale at the Gale has been an annual one-day event in the City of Niagara Falls since 2016. It is organized by the City’s Recreation Committee. Vendors purchase parking stalls and retain the profits from their own sales. All proceeds from the sale of parking stalls directly benefit the Activity Subsidy Fund.

About the Activity Subsidy Fund
The Activity Subsidy Fund benefits many families in Niagara Falls by subsidizing the cost of recreation activities. Registration fees and equipment expenses are eligible and applications are received year round for the consideration of the Recreation Committee. Donations to the Activity Subsidy Fund will be gratefully accepted at the event.

For more information, contact:

Beth Angle
City of Niagara Falls
905 356 7521 x 3336
[email protected]


Dolores Sacco
City of Niagara Falls
905 356 7521 x 3342
[email protected]

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