Niagara Region Council Approves 2019 Water, Wastewater and Waste Management Budgets

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During a special meeting of council held Thursday, Feb. 14, Niagara Region Council approved by-laws authorizing a combined net operating budget increase for 2019 of 5.1 per cent for water and wastewater services and 2.1 per cent for waste management.

Water and Wastewater

The approved water and wastewater rates are effective Jan. 1, 2019 and will be billed to the local area municipalities based on water and wastewater usage in accordance with the Council approved methodology. As the wholesaler of water and wastewater services in Niagara, the Region will bill the local municipalities, who will in-turn incorporate these new rates into resident water bills.

This rate increase allows the regional municipality to make strategic investments in critical water and waste water infrastructure and continue to provide safe water.

Waste Management

The budget for waste management services, which includes curbside collection, recycling and landfill sites will see an increase of 2.1 per cent. 

Costs for these services are charged to municipalities based the number of households that receive curbside pickup and primarily charged to residents based on tax rates established by the Region and applied to assessed value of households.

"Staff has worked hard to deliver a Waste Management and Water and Wastewater budget that maintains current service levels while supporting tax affordability for our residents. This investment ensures Niagara Region residents continue to have access to clean drinking water and that the critical infrastructure we depend on is strengthened for present and future generations. " ~ Jim Bradley, Regional Chair

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