Parks and Outdoor Sports

The City of Niagara Falls has several parks and outdoor sports to offer for leisure, recreational events and sports activities. 

Parks and Recreational Facilities Database

Visit the Parks and Recreational Facilities Listing to view pictures, maps and amenities of the parks, arenas, trails and other recreational facilities in Niagara Falls. 

Niagara Falls Dog Park & Niagara Falls Bark Park

The Niagara Falls Dog Park is located at Fireman's Park on Mountain Road and Dorchester Road, while the Niagara Falls Bark Park is located along the Chippawa Parkway near Stanley Avenue. The new leash free dog parks are now open for all residents to enjoy. For more information visit the Niagara Falls Dog Park page.

Field Closure Hotline

When there is inclement weather, the hotline is updated daily by 3:00pm. Call 905-356-7521 extension 3399 for closure information.

RZone Logo

RZone Policy and Incident Reports

The City of Niagara Falls has a policy in place for all of our facilities regarding the enforcement of vandalism, abuse, harassment and more.  You can view the policy, brochure and incident report on the Niagara Falls RZone page.

Oakes Park Track

Learn more about Oakes Park (location, hours, track lighting, and updates).

The track is closed to the public every Monday & Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for a private track and field booking.


The following activities are strictly prohibited on all Oakes Park track and field event areas:

  • Cycling
  • Inline Skating
  • Skate Boarding
  • Roller Skating
  • Motorized Vehicles

These activities present an injury risk to those participants who are walking, jogging and running. They will also damage the resilient rubber track and field event runway surfaces.

Permitted Group Events (i.e. Track & Field or Special Events) have priority use over community use. Walkers are encouraged to exercise at Fairview Cemetery.

Naming and Renaming of City Property

The purpose of this policy is to outline a procedure for the commemorative naming or renaming of City property including buildings, parks/open spaces, and component features and amenities as part of the acquisition and/or management of these spaces by the City of Niagara Falls.

Commemorative Naming refers to the naming of a property in honour of outstanding achievement, distinctive service, or significant community contribution, generally without financial consideration.

For more information please see the Naming and Renaming of City Property Policy and Application Form.

Please contact Recreation & Culture at 905-356-7521 X 3330 or [email protected] for further information.